Training May 2012

The Training for Professionals in May 2012

Once again our May training was great! another wonderful group who are eager to get going and make a difference to those around them. We once again exceeded expectations regarding achievements over the 3 days and all of our patients who came in for treatment each had dramatic results before our very eyes! it could not have been planned!

After our success in March, we thought it would have been hard to beat however, the group were again exceptional people and not only did we have fun but we all learned something very special.

We added a third day to the this course due to popular request. It was a day where after having a morning re-capping some pointers and other questions, we invited a number of out of house patients to attend and be worked on, giving our students the chance, to spend the greater part of the day in clinic, working as if in a real situation but with supervision and help at hand.

These people had never been worked on with S.C.E.N.A.R - Cosmodic before and were subjected to a full-on consultation and treatment. This included a host of protocols that we use in our Practice in London, including giving advice on nutrition and exercise also.

It proved to be an incredibly powerful experience, with each of our patients having startling results. Exceeding even my own expectations!

With a combination of Professionals from such diverse backgrounds. Many integrated from Allopathic medicine and all giving their valuable and personal advice.

Thank you to all of our participants and clients. You all did a wonderful job in either working or being treated and making really huge breakthroughs!

You all worked so hard and for so long, that we had no time to take photographs of the day !!

We had a Full on 3 days and are considering adding a fourth.

Well done all groups to date....

We re watching out for you!!!

Our next training will be in September 2012.