Parkinson case

Parkinson case

June 2011

New prototype Modific

Gender / age: Male / 65yrs.

Presenting condition:

Diagnosis: Parkinson's Disease.

Has difficulty with concentration. Especially when attempting to do small things, like doing up shirt buttons or working hand tools.

Has difficulty with both hands but more so in right. Walking and talking is no longer automatic and he has to concentrate on doing so. He describes it likened to a car engine that has run out of oil and everything has seized up.

There is great pressure at the back of his head and neck and also shoulders. He is quite tense and very warm!

Past medical history:

Normal birth.

Childhood diseases but mumps only about 15 to 20 years ago.

A kidney stone removed approximately 10 -12 years ago.

Other than this all life other than the normal colds and flu, falls and scrapes as a boy nothing else occurred and his life has been quite disease free. In August 2004 he was swept off a lorry trailer by a falling load and landed on is head. This resulted in a sub-dermal haematoma on the left side of the brain.

He was sent eventually to hospital and they gave him painkillers and sent him home.

After blood was found to be tracking down his face, his GP sent him back to casualty and they found a bleed in the brain. After 48 hours he was again sent home.

Almost straight after this it was found that there was some damage to the inner ear and he found his balance was affected. He saw a neurologist who prescribed Amitriptyline, which he decided not to take. He says it felt like a brick that was in is the back of his head that had begun like a band all the way around and centered at the back of the head.

Around a year ago this worsened and he began to shake. Tension intensified in the back of head like a brain freeze. In November 2010 he sought assistance again from the GP. He had now added screaming tinnitus to symptoms and his GP suggested Propranolol which he believed, if it stopped the tremors then it was not Parkinsons Disease. But after two weeks and almost it di stop, he realised that it was not going to be satisfactory cure just a limit to symptoms. So he stopped taking it.

Around a couple of months ago his right hand became difficult to use, also the left but not quite as bad.

He has begun shuffling as he walks, sleep at night is becoming disrupted, the tension in his head wakes him and as it builds his head vibrates. That can be felt through the pillow. He is finding often that it is hard to explain himself. Projecting his voice is often difficult.

Yesterday he went to see a nutritionist and thankfully she was also working with Kineisiology and also choosing products supplied by similar manufacturers as I.


Supplements only. No prescribed medications at all.

He found S.C.E.N.A.R. in a local place and began to have treatment there. The benfits were that he had some relief to the tension in the head but it lasted often around an hour and that was all.


New Modific / Gold electrodes.

Time of action during session: 57.37

(This was surprising to me, as I do not generally work for so long these days especially on a first session.)

However I had checked regarding the S.C.E.N.A.R that he had received and this patient was not new to this technology totally, I believed it was a good thing.

Interestingly enough the high activity readings were to be found as follows:

C7. T2, left and right. T3 centre. S3 / 4, both left and right.

Action modes used:

Scenar-Cosmodic slider 10

Level minimum / max / medium I could not tell as it has ceased to respond when I press the button to find out.

Areas treated:

All reported high activity numbered areas as above, one dose each.

Also middle left and then right side of neck.

With the exception of left S4 and middle of C3 that read 8:2 ratio at start all other places registered ratio of 9:1 at start and finished at 5:5. (Very interesting) also 3 points at neck and thoracic area all took approximately 15 minutes to dose. Every other dose was average 2 minutes.

Change of patient’s condition:

During the session there were no comments forthcoming.

I asked several times for any feedback and asked a few questions but nothing was found. I also asked him if there was any warming sensation whilst we worked on or around the area that we were working, he said not.

At the end he said he felt quite tired.

I noticed as he spoke that although he did not sound tired, he seemed to speak with ease and formed the words well and automatically without thinking.

He reported that his neck felt lighter and the back of his head felt stabile.

He said he felt less seized up than before and looser.

If he measured the tension in his head now, as before it had been severe, it would now be considered as 2 out of 10 and there was a slight tremor in his head.

He then said that he felt calmer.

I asked him to get dressed and he stood up and began to put on his shirt while his wife watched. Then a large smile appeared over his face and he said, “ I can do the buttons up on my shirt quite normal!”

At this point I noticed that not only was he speaking clearly but now I could hear the slight accent in his voice which before had not been there. His speech seemed quite different and with much character. When I asked him his age, as I had omitted to write that on his form, he told me, “16!” and laughed!!!