Unexplained unpleasant symptoms

Unexplained unpleasant symptoms

July 2011

Patient details:

Treated 24th June 2011

Gender/ age: Female / 37 years

Presented condition / complaint:

Skin heats up when a warm day and sun is out. Face hurts. Digestive issues possibly linked to candida. Very dry mouth at night. Gets very shakey and has funny spells and controls this with food. Has salty deposits, which appear on skin every day, both face and legs. Skin feels very tight and overheats. Thumb was injured and now hurts all the time.

Past medicals conditions:

Had problematic upbringing and difficult childhood. Lacks closeness to parents and sibling. Not much else known. Difficulty with food and nurturing.

Treatment. Session 1.

Time of action: 11.01 minutes

Session 1.

Working in slider 5.

Endocrine, digestive, and lower lumbar were areas of priority.

I dosed all of these areas and they al dosed very quickly. All in around 40 seconds.

When I worked she said she felt a vibration in her leg. At the start, she felt a little anxious and timid. Hearing was hard work. She felt something was over her head at the front.

After this 11.01 she said she felt that something had changed.

That it was not right and it was not right, as she did not have control over it. Feeling also very thirsty. She drank some Vitamin C drink that often made her feel better. She drank very quickly with a real thirst, said she had a heaviness over her eyes. That also a sharp pain in her trapezius was there and stayed.

After this time on the spine I changed into minimum setting and dosed her thumb once. The pain went.


She called me the following day to report that she felt wonderful and for the first time in 17 years she could go into the sun without being affected by her complaint. Her thumb was still good and she was normal which she had not felt in a very long time.

Session 2:

Slider 5 again.

Date 1st July 2011

Since the last session it has been 1 week.

During this time she has reported feeling much improved as in, for the last year her skin has hurt and now it has been not hurting since the last session. It is the first time in 8 months that her back has not hurt either. By a day or two before this day, the face began to get some sensation again. Also the thumb sensation began to return a little the day before. She was stung by an insect yesterday, so today her eye is slightly swollen and her thumb a little achey, plus a slight stomach ache right now.

This time we had priority areas in nervous system, digestive and coccyx.

Numbers on average were a little higher than in last session. All doses were gain relatively fast. All of these areas completed in 12.10 minutes. Plus I worked a little on the thumb once again and this took approximately 10 minutes also to dose.

So total time of action was 28.45.

Change of patient after treating.

After this session her report was as follows:

Thumb definitely feels better again. More flexibility in this hand altogether. Her eyes felt very clear. The swelling in the stung eye had reduced. She felt in general normal this time unlike last time when she felt totally out of control. She is due in 1 week later and will update again.


Patient details: Session 3 and onwards.

Session 3:

8th July 2011 Friday.

After last session she felt terrible for the rest of the day.

Energetic in her mind, but her body felt heavy. The following day she felt worse and her thumb began to hurt also. Her skin has been improving but her feeling of nausea has continued on and off which has hampered her use of a product for detox.

Presenting conditions: Thumb painful again.

Pain in lower back and at back of skull, from time to time.

All priority areas were shown for working by diagnostic for each of the symptoms that she showed. High readings at neck, collar, locomotor, digestive and lower spine. Worked on only giving 1 dose to each high priority area and one dose in MYO locally to thumb.

Mode used: All body work done in Scenar-Cosmodic Slider 5 and one local dose in Sc-C-MYO to thumb.

Ratio overall was 7:3 dose in MYO took 2 10 minutes at power level 50.

Total work time 31.05.

Two readings one at top at C3 and one at base of spine / coccyx refused to dose and each took more than 7 minutes before I decided to stop. She is very sensitive and this was taking too long, it doubled my intended working time on her body.

After: She reported that her thumb was totally normal now, her back felt a little stiff from sitting as long. Her eyes felt amazingly clear (always after this she her eyes respond) her vision was more clear.

Next session 4:

15th July 2011

1 week later.

Thumb is less stiff now and not hurting as much, although it had been painful for 3 days, during which time she was no w able to pinpoint the exact point of pain. She feels emotionally that she is getting stronger.

The following day she had some major life trauma and this upset her. She felt a pain through her heart (I think this is figuratively speaking but as a sensitive being she feel things in a very real way) she reported that the pain it gave her felt like she was being drained.

The morning of this visit she had awoken feeling spacey but improved.

Her joints feel better/ softer. Her skin has not hurt for 3 days. And she had noticed that many things that normally by now would have been an issue, had not including a long overdue visit to the dentist and she had coped really well. Anaesthetic was used and she was fine after which is unusual.


There were far less areas highlighted from the body. We worked on neck in 3 places. One at T1, one atT5/6 and a dose at each point central left and right at base of spine.

Duration of session: 28.34 minutes.

Again as before 4 places would not dose so I stopped at almost dose level. These all took over 4 minutes, 13 minutes, 2 and 3 minutes, respectively. These positions were all at neck area.

After, she was elated with the sensation in her neck. She reported that it felt loose and normal and her jaw had ceased clicking. She felt a little lightheaded again. Eyes were more clear and also vision. She felt she was heating up. Skin on face was good as it had been hurting. She felt exhausted.

Modes used: Slider 5

Next session: 22nd July 2011

After the last session she had felt goo d all day.

The following day she had felt very sick after eating and this lasted for 4 days. Neck and shoulder had also become stiff for this same time. Her right eye kept flicking, opening and closing with her having no control. This was very uncomfortable. Her right hip was hurting again and for the last two days she had felt on waking, both dizzy and faint although she did not faint. Once the pain in the skull came on. Her hands are not as stiff or painful.

Presenting symptoms today:

Feel hunched up and can’t sit with spine straight. Back feel weak. Feeling insecure (like before) a little hungry in stomach. Skin tags and dots on skin are appearing rapidly. Lost appetite and eyes hurting.

Diagnostic showed areas of priority being thoracic, digestive (liver) and lower lumber.

Modes used: Sc-C Slider 5 and SC-C MYO.

Worked at shoulder in slider and MYO at end. Dosed one dose to liver and also digestive point then lower lumbar / sacrum.

The MYO was set to power level 60 and took 30 seconds to dose, changed entire shoulder stiffness and pain to relaxed situation. I massaged around this area also. Slider work took 14 minutes and total work time was 20.14.

After: felt lightheaded again but eyes more clear and vision improved.

Pains in neck and shoulder had ceased and eased. Hip also seemed better. Had a strange sensation t the back of scalp on right side.

Took about 10 minutes to relieve lightheadedness once we had finished and then she felt very tired.

case ongoing ...

Update 25th February 2012

I have been treated with a Modific and I’m satisfied with new technology.

1, My neck area felt better. Stiffness has improved radically and neck became more flexible. I felt that the result was impressive.

2, Skin - On returning home, I noticed that irritation had eased as result of better skin condition and overall feeling. A decreased sensitivity has occurred and heat feeling had cleared. The case is ongoing.

3, My thumb had totally healed, after 2 sessions with scenar.

I really enjoyed receiving treatment from Vivienne, as she is a very carring, patient and understanding person.

Thank you, Vivienne!