Pain in neck, shoulder,

Pain in neck, shoulder, arm

June 16, 2011

Patient details

Gender/age: Male/around 40

Presented condition, complaints: He had some sensations of ache and pain and also he had just landed from a long haul flight, two hours prior to arriving. He was tired and I could see he was travel weary.

Past medical history: From MRI scan he knows that he has degeneration of C5 and 6 This has caused him to have pain in neck, shoulder plus an inability to hold his arm up for any length of time or to do many sports that he likes to do including rowing and some other physical activity. He is very fit but not particularly worked out.


Time of action during session: about 30 mins

Action modes used: SCENAR-COSMODIC SLIDER 10

Areas treated: neck and collar, shoulder, back, hips

Change of the patient's condition during and after session: I worked in slider 10 and found the numbers very high everywhere but concentrated in hip and neck and shoulder and two slightly higher at area just below

scapulas both sides but not excessively high. I treated from the highest first and I noticed he kept his eyes closed. After 10 minutes he began to sway and I was concerned that he may fall off the stool! I kept checking in with him verbally to ensure he was with me. He said he was. After 16 minutes I had made all doses

necessary and began to look for stickies moving in massage like ways. Found a few around neck and collar area. Pulled the device across until I felt it was enough and occasionally dose where necessary. I also worked a little on both adrenals.

Total number of sessions: 1

Total time of treatment (days, weeks): 1 day

Final result of treatment: When I had finished he looked like he had woken from a deep sleep. But he felt different, the sensations that he had come in with had changed but not gone entirely. He could not define exactly how different he felt but he knew that he did.

Comments: I could tell that the work had been much deeper and fuller and that the issue in the neck had

changed and also the area that had pained him on the arm and shoulder had become out of pain but also numb.

Comments on the new device working: The icons are so small it was hard to see. I had difficulty keeping an eye on the numbers whilst working in order to make an analysis / diagnostic. You have to be fast in order to catch the number before it goes into working mode. Then, the numbers are so small it is really tiring to try to look for them and to see the ratios from the position of working on a body. I like to see what I am doing as it helps me to connect with the individual and allows me to feel more of where to go and what to do next, I get connected that way. I think I will have to find a new way to connect, but I do like the action of the device and the way it works. I feel I can do more with it. Although it does take longer which began to bother me today. I had to wait all of 3.57 minutes to dose on one place ( I can't believe how much I am complaining about this as in the old days sometimes it was 28 minutes!!!) I feel that the changes are more deep, far more precise and that there is far more regeneration created in one session than before. Also I think the detox will be less aggressive. (This is my feeling, but I will have to wait to know that for sure). I feel good about it and glad I use it. I have only worked with it in silver so far.