EX735Ag Modific


Currently not in production

This is the Top of the range model, very fast and speedy option for Practitioners in a busy practice. Also suitable for multiple usage by home users for any emergency or chronic disorders.

EX735Ag inherited the platform of its predecessor VX735Ag — allowing you to set SCENAR and COSMODIC healing technologies manually within one output stage. Now that these two technologies are separated into two independent output stages, the prioritized action is set automatically, providing deeper and more accurate treatment.

Even being professional this device is very easy and simple to operate. It is the best choice you can think of for home use. It has the ability to be used with any of the internal or external LET Medical attachment probes. It comes with silver electrodes but these are detachable and Gold are available on request.

Both the above models and Standard below, have these features:

To order email: vivienne@vivienneconstad.com

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