2008: EX735Ag Modific

2008: EX735Ag Modific

First impressions on use of SCENAR-COSMODIC EX735Ag

© Vivienne Constad

Recommended purpose:

I have so ascertained that this device can instigate the fastest reaction so far within the CNS therefore I treat with care for any patients who may suffer with low metabolic rate, or disorders as in M.E. MS, Fibromyalgia and auto immune disorders.

Simply, as the speed at which the detoxification process is able to occur can to some patients cause a temporary worsening of symptoms.

I do not believe this to be a worsening of condition and therefore not strictly a worsening of symptom… just sensitivity to the detox, which can be mistaken for a worsening of issue.

First aid:

A superb device for first aid!! I have treated both mosquito and flea bites within 10 minutes of them occurring, for respectively less than 2 minutes on each occasion and each time after 10 minutes from finish not even a red mark was left on the limb.

In fact in all cases this is the perfect solution, other than the above already mentioned. It seems to me that whatever the condition the body is able to act immediately. And almost never is the result unnoticeable to the patient as sometimes in the past.

Bruises disappear within minutes, cuts form repair within minutes but take a day to disappear mostly. Swelling, haematoma immediately reduced. Burns and bites… instantly gone. All acute disorders become so acute they become in the past almost before they were in the present!!!


    1. Feeling of electrodes: very subtle, very passive, softer and not as tingly as EX735Ag. The sensation after the work is different (the sensation of the electrodes and the effect inside the body), the change is dramatic (e. g. entire symptoms have disappeared, headache gone, knee pain totally gone, someone who walked in with sticks, forgot them on the way out, etc ).

    2. At first the sensation is usually felt only slightly but very quickly it increases and sometimes depending on the individual can become too intense (tingling that builds and then suddenly can become like acupuncture needle that gets very intense).

    3. It seems that with Modific it is really not at all necessary to focus the attention of the patient on the treatment so much as it seems that if I do not do so and I let the patient chatter the dose is faster. I feel this may be due to resistance on their behalf, or should I say lack of!

    4. When dynamic adaptation is on, after some time suddenly there is a sharp pain inwardly, almost like a sharp pin or deep acupuncture needle. As indeed likened to the EX735Ag unit. However this very quickly subsides, so quickly that it has gone before they are able to mention it and the dose follows soon after this.

    5. Just prior to dosing, dynamic adaptation will switch on and the response signal becomes lowest… the sensation reduces to almost nothing and evenly spread and then within 3 seconds the minimum dose is achieved.

Working during a session:

    1. Preliminary analysis — activity readings.

    2. The diagnostic setting on this device is very good.

    3. It has become the most essential part of the procedure 3 pathways, I believe. Very easy to follow, not always where I have intended to work but always accurate!

    4. A superb complement to its baby version prototype of EX715Ag.

    5. Within each session the focus becomes more defined and very soon within say 3 sessions (sometimes sooner) I have found the absolute cause of the condition has been identified.

    6. I still find it best to treat no more than 3 separate issues within each session. Attempting more only dilutes the result.

    7. Every one has an effect during treatment. Apart from the dramatic normalising effect, everyone becomes to feel lighter, looser, very tired in a relaxed type of way but energised. Without fail everyone so far.

    8. The effects are very fast and although there is not always an immediately dramatic effect noticed during the session, within 10 minutes there is.

    9. There seem to be 2 kinds of categories. There are the individuals that feel immediate effect and this lasts for days and days in fact in some up to 3 weeks and others for whom the beneficial effect intensifies for a couple of hours, lasts until bedtime and then the following day they are very tired but after that they are amazing for 2 days followed by a slight return of one or two symptoms but never reverted to the beginning. With the exception of one case only who seems to gain beneficial effects for only the day of session and then reverts to the norm for her. This is a very unusual case with whom we are still experimenting.

Feelings and effects during treatment:

During treatment the patient always is quiet at first. Once they are accustomed to the sensation of the device they comment how gentle and soothing the feeling is.

This can lead to one wanting to do more for them and therefore spending more time than one should, so my comments to all professionals here is …. Less is more! Watch the timer.

Fast or slow effect:

The effect with this device is SO fast. I can almost not believe it sometimes. The most obvious change is during treatment when they suddenly announce that the symptoms have all gone, and fast! Occasionally faster than the same comment from me in EX735Ag.

Effects after session:

Often; mostly an increase of beneficial effects. Occasionally sleepiness.


Always the stickiness is exactly placed at the place indicated as high activity area and very accurately measured by the diagnostic.

Techniques of action:

If you wish to make a real change in dynamics and increase a completion to dosing it is recommended to keep the device still and allow it to complete its procedure. It knows exactly what it is doing and is fascinating to watch it travel through all the adaptations it has to make.

It is possible to move slowly around but this is only to find any sticky that may have not yet been eliminated.

Dragging and stroking: this is not necessary at all.

On occasion I do it but only to disperse any excess energy that may have collected or not dispersed naturally by the time the dose is done. It is not often that the maximum dose is given but I have found that to wait for that can be more than is necessary for an individual other than when working on myself. So once a minimum dose is achieved, it is time to move along.


This is not strictly the case. As I mentioned above, there is not a worsening of complaint or symptom / condition, merely a sensitivity of the detoxification effect. But this is only experienced by very few and mostly those as listed at the beginning of my report.

Comparing the Modific and the EX735Ag:

The Modific is for many a dream come true.

In combination with other models it is also interesting. I very often use an EX735Ag to accompany the Modific. Within a second they both syncronise and become as one. Usually the person will comment as to how they can feel the connection between not just the EX735Ag and Modific but also my contact also as sometimes I will place a device to the patient allowing my other hand to be free. During these times I make the circuit with that free hand and the effect is tremendously accelerated.

On one specific day that you work it is possible to treat oneself 3 or 4 times within that day so long as you take a rest the following day (and in between) and the body is almost grateful for such care!

I only have treatment with this device on myself now. I no longer prefer the format of the VX device as a practitioner to work with.


The device no longer freezes and does not become confused. The power could be higher to please some people but I feel that they should be gently coerced to the belief that they no longer need to be hurt to be healed. Just occasionally I wish for a maximum dose to occur whilst I am working as it would make ME feel good!!


Treatment is hastened during session. It is easy to let the patient chatter and pass the time. The complaints seem to be dealt with more dramatically and without reactions. Stickies are resolved more quickly and dosing occurs easily, but only minimum dosing.

Modific for personal use:

A great device for personal use. Fully automated and the best you can get. It is easy to use, easy to place.The longer time is best, much longer than in a professional session, but the effects are very, very good. It sometimes becomes numbing or uncomfortable when it has really done enough in that place and as you are then about to turn it off, it does that for you too!

It not only will maintain my work for a patient in between professional sessions, in all cases to date that have bought a device experimentally it has moved them onward and upward and I am always pleasantly surprised when I see them next.

Pain relief not as pronounced as with Scenar but the improvement is much greater. The best device so far, to use for family and friends. It is so easy and has many hours of working ability. Also especially gentle therefore good for working with the elderly and children. So long as you are happy to just place it on the spot and wait there is nothing else to do, what could be easier? Should you wish to get involved then you may complete with help of the diagnostic and make your placement of the unit more precise.

Statistical data:

There have been 33 patients treated with Modific so far in the few weeks that I have been working and almost in all, the treatment time is reduced from around 40 minutes to 20 minutes (20 with EX735Ag since September 28th 2007)

Many patients feel that I should give them until 35 minutes and sometimes I do depending on many things, however I have to explain to them that with this device, less is really more and we do not wish to over stress the body.

All minimum doses seem to occur in 6 minutes for the longest and average and then after 2nd and 3rd sessions the dose occurs in often 2 to 3 minutes only. Also the focus is more specific and overall the activity levels in the diagnostic become more level, less erratic and overall lower.

My personal comments:

I am thrilled to be working with such a connected piece of technology.


I mean, connected to me, the patient and universal energy. Although I am fully aware of its effects I am still amazed each time I achieve a result and especially on myself! I then have to stop and think to myself, “Now, what do I say to my patients… of course it works, of course you do and of course you will”.

Then I smile and think of Alexander Karasev who would also smile if he could see me thinking this!

The materials were provided by

Vivienne Constad, London, UK