Case of a dog

Case of a Dog

Cranio-mandibular Osteopathy

January 13, 2006

I am working on a puppy. She has a condition that is rare but can occur within this particular breed. She is a West Highland Terrier, very sweet dog (small and white). She is 6 months old and her condition is such that the bone in her jaw has grown excessively and fixed to a closed position, so that she cannot open her mouth except for a very tiny amount, enough to drink and eat food which is soft and liquidised. Normally the condition is expected mildly to one bone or the other. After 12 months the condition usually dissipates but in this case was extreme.

The vets were giving her very strong steroidal pain killers which her owner has stopped her from taking this week as they were no longer working. She is very worried about her and asked me to help for pain relief. This dog has the worst condition that this vet has ever seen and they have now suggested they put her to sleep if things do not improve over the next few days.

Having little experience in working with animals I was not totally comfortable taking on the job of working with this little puppy, however she was so encouraging as also was her owner that I could not refuse her help. I decided that we had better do what we can.

So I took my device and worked on her twice, the day before yesterday and twice yesterday.

She has already shown improvement and yesterday she opened her mouth enough to take my finger, I was amazed.

January 16, 2006

I have just been to see her and her mouth is opening more today. She is able to pick up many more of her toys also. I am very pleased so far.

January 17, 2006

Today the dog is a lot improved again, picking up toys and playing again now and eating better and very lively and happy. I will see her on Thursday again (5th session).

January 19, 2006

I have just seen the little dog and by today apart from being very lively and playful again, she can open her mouth even further, she is now able to pick up more of her previous toys and also we watched her trying to chew the side of the table! (The lady was not so pleased about this but did not want to stop her in a harsh way as she was SO pleased that she could do it!!!).

Anyway this was her 6th session and today I used the new 705 with more water. I wetted the head and the neck first. Then the device turned on easily.

I did notice that it did not beep although the lights were all working. I stopped and turned off and then on again, this time the beeping accompanied the lights and all was as normal.

She became very calm as the first session and then allowed me to work in 3 places on the neck at the back of the head, cervical neck area. I then worked a little on each side of the jaw. In each place I achieved a dose. In all she allowed me to work for 17 minutes until she became agitated and then refused me to work more. I tried 1 min 45 secs with an older device just quickly, to see if she would allow, but no she would not!


Today it is August 2010.

We are pleased to report that this small dog is now still happy and healthy at 4 years old.

She refuses to pass our house without running along the path and banging on the front door with a paw! She is very sweet in nature and of course I always make a fuss of her.

Here are a few photographs of the dog as she is, since having grown up. Full of fun, very lively and so happy all the time!