Recommendations for current technology

Recommendations for current technology

General comments:

In the past each device has had its merits within a different spectrum of conditions. This has meant that we have had to deal more with individual conditions and to use certain protocols with each differing condition for best results.

With the current technology, there appears less potential of working in the way above and more importantly we tend to be actually giving back both the data and the energy that the body should require in order for it to make necessary changes. Our job with this device has become more one of observation and monitoring. In as much as watching closely for how the body is responding and what we need to do next in order to follow the natural progression of how the body will recover in stages similarly but in reverse order of that in which is degenerated. With knowledge of the device and its working as well as a working knowledge of anatomy and physiology one can lead treatment and decide as to whether it is necessary to be working systemically or locally at any one time. Or both!

It is no longer appropriate to say that one setting or one device is specifically better for one particular condition.

It appears that we are no longer dealing with conditions but probable causes and outcomes.

These are the general rules that we follow.

When treating acute injury and trauma:

Using EX735Ag Slider 2

Recommendations at primary care level.

Taking a consideration that in traditional medicine we would be looking to triage, it is recommended therefore to use in this case the setting ‘scenar’.

It is also recommended to choose power level – minimum to medium.

Scenar is chosen to minimise complications and to stabilise local issues.

Once stabile the device can be changed to a more overall setting such as Scenar-Cosmodic Slider Auto. This can be continued as the device will check with the body regards to a ratio of what is required at any given moment and will address all current needs prior to dosing.

Once having reached saturated recovery point where the body is not able to increase any further recovery one can change setting to a MYO setting to energise the area so as to increase efficacy of regeneration of tissue cells.

When treating chronic conditions:

Using EX735Ag Slider 2

Choosing a power level of minimum

Setting / mode Scenar-Cosmodic Slider Auto

By choosing this mode / setting you will be looking for ratios of what is needed according to the individuals own priority. Continually the device will be checking in with the body and its status in order to reconfigure the ratio of both scenar signals to cosmodic signals appertaining to the needs required at any given moment.

Each session some small and subtle changes should be created. On occasion these can be quite pronounced. Better to go slowly with little and often though. Less in this case is more.

Once changes have been created in symptom or condition then the session should cease. This should not be reconvened until after a decrease of effects that had been created from the session. After which time the follow up session can continue and create further changes. This regime should be repeated until dissipation of symptoms, which will occur over time.

Should the individual show signs of change at the start and soon after this ceases to occur, then the practitioner should take note and make checks to consider if there might be any missing nutrient base or consider making some changes to lifestyle or reduce stress levels plus increase rest. They will see the body respond accordingly once these changes have been made.

Once a positive progression of diminishing symptoms or conditions is underway it may be possible to lead more specific changes by choosing more poignant settings and modes according to how the body is responding at the current time. For example one may have been working over a small number of sessions and find that some localised pain still ensues within a chronic condition but may be somewhat debilitating or irritating to the patient. As such the practitioner may like to choose a second level scenar setting called Scenar Slider to dose the area, which will then be working in a slightly changed format, which will resolve the issue more quickly.