Panic attacks

Panic attacks

Female : 35 yrs - London

Testimonial from the patient:

I have been suffering from panic attacks for several years. Through my own resources I went to the USA to treat this issue of mine. A therapist in the USA helped me to get through a lot of issues. I came back to the UK and started having scenar therapy by a practitioner named Ravi Bakhshi for several months and I feel much more energy, relaxed and less panicky.

He introduced me to Vivienne Constad, who screened me with the Bio meridian machine. This machine scans all aspects of the body, checking which body organs are balanced and non-balanced.

After visiting Vivienne I felt much more relaxed, and her screening showed areas which were successfully treated with Cosmodic-scenar and we discussed changes in my nutrition. I'm now living and feeling healthy, strong and empowered.

Apologies for the delay Vivienne in sending you my testimonial, thank you very much for being in my life, you really helped me to regain my confidence and helped me to become empowered.

I have been taking more action and really challenging myself. You truly believe and are committed in what you do. I really love your friendly and direct approach.

Look forward to seeing you soon.