2006: Report VX735Ag

Report for VX735Ag with Gold Electrodes

© Vivienne Constad

Recommended Purpose

Since June 2006 till February 2007 the conditions treated with gold electrodes were:

- ME

- MS

- arthritis

- headaches

- musculoskeletal conditions, injuries, fracture

- cardiovascular issues

- colds and flu

- degenerative disorders

*In all acute concerns the results have been much faster than with silver.

Some examples from my practice:

1.Acute condition of a chronic allergy condition.

This responded much more quickly and with LESS healing reaction after (no deepening itch which usually happened when I used silver electrodes).

2.Musculoskeletal injury to upper spine and neck.

This responded well, faster in session than expected and comments of how deep the feeling was. Only one session required.

3.Acute neck injury from recent injury, referred by osteopath.

This has required less session time but more sessions and is on-going.

4.Acute injury to shoulder and neck.

Fast result in session, much improvement but still on-going.


I can now state that since the time I work with gold electrodes it is clear to me that their action on the body is much deeper, more specific (in as much as it finds the precise area much more easily). Its benefit is more quickly achieved and is longer lasting on the whole than the silver electrodes in the VX735Ag.

Due to the gentle action of the gold, I have found the preliminary work done has been very precise and more speedy but with no adverse effect on the body. Allowing a faster recovery in all cases.

Feeling of electrodes

Much, much softer feeling on and to the body.

Much deeper signal.

Feeling of intense vibration as opposed to tingling on skin.

Feeling of warmth from electrodes as they work.

Some people literally fall asleep whilst I treat them.

Sensitivity to high power

Although the higher levels are quite high, often too hard to bear. It is easier to bear gold on a higher level than the silver. Therefore it IS far more gentle.

Working during a session

1.Preliminary analysis.

Most definitely is faster and more accurate with gold electrodes. Very precise.

2.Feelings and effects during treatment.

People are more relaxed from the start as it is a more gentle sensation. They release energy much more quickly and easily, deep sighing. Effects are therefore produced more quickly. Also follow a much more regular process of healing in all cases, i.e. certain types follow a specific pattern of recovery.

Very obvious change (to me) during treatment. And I think also to the patients, as with the people I have seen, they usually like some time before they tell me how they feel, some minutes. But they seem to notice them faster with the gold.

3.Effects after the session.

There have been absolutely no ill effects or adverse reactions of any kind after the use of gold electrodes. There is often a delay of a day before any development of further benefits.

In general there are always further benefits and these continue more consistently throughout the rest of the treatment cycle.


I have noticed only an increased sensitivity of the device, as it reacts in a more superior fashion than the same device but with the silver electrodes. (Which I now have ceased to use!)


This is heightened. Elimination appears to be more efficient with the gold. If worked correctly the result seems to hold for a longer period.

I often find that where I place the device the area can react immediately by being very “sticky”. In the case of the area not being “sticky”, it is a very short time and with only a little encouragement the area will become more responsive and then “sticky” will show.

How does sticky feel? This feels very much more defined than before. Much more solid and positive reaction. Also in a much more defined area at any one time.

The sensitivity of this action is heightened to a large degree. 3P’s always enables the areas that need working on to show more easily.

Techniques of action

1.Placing still effects.

The program that the device goes through beeping and measuring is very much clearer to follow. More often there is a maximum dose than working in the same manner in silver. There does seem to be a tendency to become so intense sometimes that it is almost a shock to take the electrodes off the skin! Also very often the depth of action is very much deeper feels often likened to an acupuncture needle.

2.Dragging, stroking, massaging.

In massaging it has a very gentle action and all people but one have fallen asleep!

Dragging and stroking is faster than silver to remove “stickies” and also to give a feel of deep sensation, which has created a feeling of something taking place for the person.

Massaging really does feel real, many of my people when I have finished have said how much like a full body massage it feels.


There has so far been none.

For personal use

So far I am in the opinion that it would not be practical or necessary for personal use unless some cosmetology was desired. Mainly due to the cost and the delicate nature of the electrodes.


1.The delicate nature of the metal.

2.The desire to want to continue working with them always… both the person and for me.


1.The ability to monitor progress.

2.Making decisions as to where and how and in what mode to work.

3.The speed of which recovery takes place.

4.The feeling and sensation is more gentle.

5.Action is deeper and more focused.

6.Skin reacts very clearly and quickly.

7.Always a dramatic result, if it is not within the session, by the following session it is very, very pronounced.

8.Time of treatment on average less, by half approximately.

In short, more recovery and in less time.

February 2007

The materials were provided by

Vivienne Constad

London, UK

Case studies from 2007:

Shoulder sports injury, loss of mobility

VX735Au. Short of breath, coughing

VX735Au. Broken wrist