ME, digestive system disorders, allergies

Testing PS705. Patient 3.

ME, digestive system disorders, allergies, cold, infection, stress

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Presented condition / Past medical history

M.E. diagnosed as chronic in 1984.

Ankylosing Spondylitis.

Digestive system disorder.


Hot flushes.

Pain and stiffness most with back and left knee and neck.

Night sweats and much hot flushing during days.

Case history

Patient Details: Male, 46 yrs


We started work on the 16th July 2004. We did 5 sessions with 735 and in that time so many of his symptoms changed that the patient decided to buy a device and do much of the work himself.

We did this and on the 6th session I showed him how to work himself. He bought a 735L.

From this day the patient administered 4 treatments on a twice weekly basis and then I would administer the following one. Most of his work was done in SM. We have continued in this way until my last treatment for him was the 11th session of my work. Plus his interim sessions. The last session with me was November 04.

He then took a break until April 05.

His condition had not improved in a measurable way although there was a definite change to the overall feeling of his condition. Still getting infections and colds, still sweating but the joint and knee pains and stiffness became not as obvious.

Overall more energy and breathing in general easier. Mildly clearer in the head. He is also using acupuncture during breaks and takes great care with his diet changes and exercise.

The second cycle took 12 sessions of my treatment with the patient treating himself as before. His work now was mostly done using CS. The last session with me was 14th September and in this session I used the new model - EX715Ag.

The session was very good.

We now have started the 3rd cycle and this was done 3rd January 2006.

We have used the new 705 device for this session.

He informed me that since his last visit he has made a definite recovery. He has a lot more energy and is much clearer in the head. Although he is occasionally getting infections and colds and allergies, they are not as debilitating and he is able to get over them more easily. He can certainly feel much more of a change. All symptoms feel milder.

Session with 705

Proceeded with 3 pathways I noticed that there was a change immediately. Usually after 5 minutes of working he starts to sweat profusely and the nervous system takes around 10 to 15 minutes to calm down.

This day after placing the device for the third position down from C7, the sweating started but by the time I had pulled off some couch roll to sponge him with, the body had it under control and it stopped straight away (3 seconds). This was very pleasing.

Once pathways were completed I then found that his body presented the lungs as the day’s priority. I worked there for 15 minutes or so until all of the area was balanced correctly. The next priority for the body was showing as the stomach and intestinal area. Once I had mentioned this to him he agreed that he had some problem with his stomach for the last day or so. I worked here actually on the area of intestines until done. One dose to each side of spine. Then the neck area needed some attention and in all, I completed 3 to 4 doses on the lungs area and then 2 more at the neck.

He was complaining that this day his sinus were both bad. I then worked one dose on each side to sinuses locally. Right side was worse than left and I first gave a dose here. Checked around the neck at the vagus nerve area and found the left side over reactive, dosed here also. Checked all areas again all seemed balanced. Checked all this, all ok.

The patient felt OK. Not too much of a change since arrival but a bit clearer in head, still tired but in a more relaxed way rather than fatigued way. His head not as blocked and his sinuses were freer. His neck also not as stiff.


This device is very accurate, very gentle and very quick to find a problem and also to dose. It also seems to have a more sustained power than before, or the first 715.

I have not yet had to change the batteries since testing it and this is my 3rd report! I have also used it repeatedly on myself.

January 5, 2006

Patient’s update since his treatment of Tuesday. He is so pleased!!! He says that unlike usual, he had a very strong reaction to Tuesday's session. He felt really ill and “zonked out” so he said, for the whole rest of day.

The next day he felt like very better with a load more energy and this lasted for now 2 days. He comments, “this has really stirred things up, it's great!!”

January 17, 2006

Today the patient reported that after his last session with the PS705 the following day he was very exhausted and felt really bad. Seemed to be going down with a cold. The day following he felt much better and the following the same. The day following that, was a treatment day again for him but self administered with 735L.

He worked on face, liver, neck, head and anywhere that he felt was hurting at that time. Following his sessions he again felt worsened and this was so for after each of the sessions he had done. He did 3 in total.

Today he came with cold like symptoms and feeling tired.

I worked in pathways with the PS705. On working at the thoracic area, he began to sweat profusely today, unlike the last session and it took me 15 minutes to get this under control. At that point I then found stickies around the middle abdomen and worked here for some 10 to 15 minutes also. (I must add here that when the sweating refused to recede I took out the 735Ag also to try to arrest it.) This I had in setting SC in 30% (that took the 15 mins). After the abdomen area, I then worked down to the coccyx where I found an area needing attention. This took only 5 minutes or so to dose and on each side went into dynamic adaptation mode.

I then went to the front shoulder area where there is an old dislocation problem and dosed here on both left and right sides of the body to the front, twice.

I then worked on the neck at the vagus nerve areas on both sides and dosed both (he had complained of a sore throat also). Then the sinuses and in general checked all over the face and head. Lastly I worked on both knees, which also responded well, dosing 3 or 4 times each knee. This completed the session today and he felt a little brighter in his personality but otherwise little change.

But for him this is usual. I will see him again on Monday in about two weeks as he will administer 3 sessions without me.

January 30, 2006

3rd session of the third course. (All these sessions with 705)

Having administered several treatments at home, with help.

3 days after previous session gained a cold/flu like symptoms.

6 days later was put on antibiotics.

Used his device then but not properly,

After one of his home sessions he felt a reaction but only that one.

This day we worked from C7, after pathways. Most reactivity was here and therefore most of the work done was here and neck/collar zone.

Took 4 minutes today to relieve the usual sweating.

Got dynamic adaptation working at lungs adrenals and kidneys. No dosing today.

Checked also liver, found some stickies.

Worked on neck and throat, also sinuses which resulted in the nasal cavity’s draining and the throat improved.

February 15, 2006

4th session of the third course

Has had a very stressful time since the last session here. Caught an awful infection.

After the last session he was totally wiped out the following day. He then continued to pick up flu for further 6 or 7 days. He was under much stress in a situation in his personal life. The culmination of that resulted in his eventually getting a resolve of his personal troubles!, which caused his reaction to be one of the stomach. He became nauseas and very giddy.

By the time he came to me this day, most symptoms had abated and he was feeling much better.

However we worked for 50 minutes in total. Had a very good session.

Most of the work done was to stomach, liver and adrenals. As I started to work at C7 after pathways he commented that the sensations of tingles were going to the whole of his spine.

No sweating today either. Very unusual!

Feelings (tingles and slight pains) to head and neck whilst working on adrenals and some stickies at liver.

He felt great at the end, much lighter.

February 17, 2006

Presented condition (today and since last session)

Feeling still again fluffy in the head, very tired and blurred vision.

Feels he went down since last session, but not too bad the following day.

Had a few headaches, went and ate a large sweet and sugar food, a sugar rush day! Regretted it later as he does not usually take any at all.

Red and blotching to skin especially on face.

Pain in left side of neck.


When working at C7 he felt a mild sensation on the right foot, leg and back of thigh.

This brought a severe reddening to C6 immediately.

Working between T2 and T3 to the left caused sensations (tingles) to back of thigh, right side and base of head.

Dynamic adaptation switched on after 7 minutes. At the same time the patient felt pains to each side of head (temples). The right kidney point caused sensation to this place in head and tingle to shoulder also.

Worked for 35 minutes with 705 and then tried to work on head and face and neck, but device was too strong. I changed to using the 735 in CS lowest power and this was only just bearable.

Worked for further 10 minutes.

This ended the session. He concluded that he felt so much better than when he came in and also a strange cleanness!!

February 21, 2006

Again reported that after session he felt good for a day, until in fact yesterday when the fogginess started to creep back.

He is reporting now slight head pains, a bit of head fog but in general better.

Today we worked for 40 minutes, including pathways.

All really strong reactions were today in head and shoulders again but also abdomen.

No sugar rush this week, but is able to see that situation in personal life is possibly not as it should be and that he just may be able to see a way out to changing his circumstances for the better! This is great as he has not been able to see this for some years now.


I am very pleased with this outcome so far. This man is really doing very well despite a very stressful situation.