Lower back pain

Lower back pain

Female 28 yrs

Letter from happy client.

I just wanted to express my thanks for bringing more positive energy to my life literally!

I had suffered from lower back pain, neck pain, mouth ulcers for over 4 years due to my low immunity system and a life style.I was doing lots of sport and dancing when I was 17 years old, and the amount of training caused me later a serious back problems that sometimes might have left me on the floor paralysed for few minutes.

Mouth ulcers were heredity factor, so they were appearing only occasionally, but as I got older they've put in appearance more frequently, almost every 3 weeks. I was unable to eat, to drink, to speak as it aggravated and I was in pain for up to 7 days each time hence I started to look for alternative treatment as the classical medicine couldn't help me.

When a mutual acquaintance told me about the SCENAR Therapy I was extremely sceptical as I was before visiting my Allergologist and Physiotherapist for pain relief, but hasn't got any improvements. When I first saw Vivienne for a treatment and she showed me the device she was talking about I was very doubtful.

To this day I am still amazed at what this device can do! After six weeks of treatment I was able to press into my lower back and I had no pain and mouth ulcers disappeared. Initially I got worse before I got better but that was understandable due to the length of time I had had the pain.

After I started Scenar treatment I stopped to use any drugs for pain relief. It has now been 6 months since that day I walked in and saw Vivienne and I haven't been back to the Physiotherapist or Allergologist since as I don't need to!

I purchased a Scenar device and I treat myself on a maintenance basis. I am now active in sports and doing a salsa classes doesn't fill me with dread. I am now able to control my pain and therefore I am responsible for my own healing.

SCENAR therapy should be used with great respect; it is challenging and exciting and its potential appears limitless. Pain relief is often immediate and is more rapid than using other modalities. Recovery time is also reduced dramatically.