Diagnosis Parkinson's

Diagnosis Parkinson's

Patient details


Gender/age: Female/56 years.

I am an MD (56 years old, Internal Medicine, private practice) but I stopped working in April 2008 because of being diagnosed with Parkinson`s Disease (left side of the body). I refused to take any specific medication and tried a natural approach, which gave me some improvements but didn`t solve the problem of course. One week ago I came to your website and was thrilled and impressed about your experience and proficiency dealing with SCENAR/COSMODIC.

My physical condition and mobility is very limited, so travelling is very exhausting for me. I am really in a desperate situation and would be very grateful for help.

Presented condition, complaints:

3 years ago after a great period of stress symptoms began with pain in the muscles of the let side of back. The symptoms have increased and worsened since that time. At first the thought was a disc problem. After a few days it increased and mobility was painful and very restricted. After physiotherapy and the left leg becoming involved in the process, I began limping. Left ankle then became blocked as well as left shoulder and neck. Numbness in left palm of hand and sole of foot and some at left thigh.

Nerve muscle connection is poor. There are issues to shoulder and shoulder blade. No fine motor skills in left arm. Pain coming and going in collar region. Balance issues, sweating at night. No appetite. Some depression with attacks of fear, even panic. Tremor.

I took the decision to refuse medication and treat all naturally. Had all tests and eventually after long time they diagnosed Parkinsons.

I embarked on the natural approach of supplements and nutrients that were lacking or missing from nutrient intake, this has helped.

Treatment: New Modific

1st session:

Time of action during session: 43.48 minutes

Action modes used: Slider 5

Areas treated:

Priority was given to both neck and shoulder areas. A number of high readings in the digestive regions and then to hip and legs. Locomotor point took the longest to dose at 6.16 and in ratio 7:3. But the highest priority, which also took a while to dose, was the muscle spasm, which was the first symptom at the origin of the complaint. Taking 5.52 to dose. Altogether we worked for 23.45 on the spine and followed this with some left arm and wrist, local work and also on left knee. Taking long time to dose also.

Whilst working on the neck there was a feeling of warming up of the body and left shoulder also felt more comfort whilst working.

Changes after:

After we had finished the changes were: she was suddenly able to move quickly.

She was not as stiff, left leg was lighter and she could move and walk easily. She had more control over her arm and left leg. She was also able to lift it where before she was unable to do this.

She was looking more normal in her standing and walking.

I also noted that her spine had been quite twisted when we began working and had two very prominent curves and protrusions. She had both curves to the side and also protruding spine.

By the time we had taken readings the spine had straightened its side curve and was only slightly protruding outwards but to a lesser degree.

Session 2:


Priorities were in general more specific and in digestive areas and lower lumbar. However the high numbers were much higher and the others more balanced overall. We worked for 25.58 on the spine and all does were either 7:3 or 6:4

The 6:4 were all doses in lower lumbar areas. I then worked in Myo to the knee and also rotator cuff. Total time was 38.11.

Her comments had been that since the first treatment her walking had improved and all beneficial effects that had been given in first session had stayed until the morning of this treating when the knee began to complain again. I also noticed that her spine had straightened yet again and we began to take photos of this. It was a shame that we had not taken photos prior to the first session.

One further thing that appears to change is that the left arm is able to straighten and stretch out after we have worked. Normally it would remain slightly bent.

She was very tired after this session and again her appetite had increased. Back pain completely gone and although it came back after a nights sleep, it was not as intense. More like a stiffness or cramp or something. She felt her back muscles were stronger as she is now able to lift herself up by her arms again form a sitting position in a chair. She was able to hold a newspaper whilst in bed which is not usual for her, these days. She felt that her muscle / nerve connection had improved.

The knee had swelled up after last session but over a day had gone down largely and now was feeling a little stronger although still weak.

3rd session:



This day her numbers were very precisely shoulders / locomotor, digestive and lower lumbar.

Majority dosed in 7:3 and mostly in less than 3 minutes with the exception of one dose on the right trapezius (top shoulder) which after 60 minutes she began to feel that we should stop, so we did with no dose that point.

She reported that she felt that the left side of her body was very relaxed but weak. The stiffness in her left side of back had gone again and there was much more mobility in her left shoulder.

The total time for this session was 1 hour 24 minutes. She felt amazing and almost ran out of the house!

We took a further photo of her spine, which is now very straight with just a small protrusion outwards at the abdominal section. The origin of the first symptoms where the muscle was in spasm and quite solid, has now relaxed and softened and enable her to walk straight and upright. She is moving more easily and not limping as much. She actually left today walking normally.

Total time of this session was 55.35

The lower right side dose at a high indicated area took 32.45 to dose and went from 6:4 to 5:5 to 7:3 to 8:2 to 9:1 suddenly she heated up all over and then it dosed at 8:2.

After today’s session she reported that:

She felt something had happened in her left shoulder but she is not sure what. That she had more symmetry. Her walking improved again to normal. That she could put her weight on her left side of body. She has not been able to do this for some time.