Pain to upper arm

Testing PS705. Patient 5. Pain to upper arm

© Vivienne Constad

February 9, 2006

Presented condition:

Pain to upper arm, outer side.

Case history

Patient Details: Female, 49 yrs.

Fit, strong, but possible menopause signs beginning. Scar area on this arm sensitive from a previous operation. Had been doing some heavy moving and carrying and over done the amount of work causing a pain severe enough to seek help.

Treatment with 705

I stimulated a section of the spine from C7 to the lower thoracic area using the format, 3 pathways, i.e. central then left and then right paravertebrals.

I found a place where the energy was the highest activity and stopped here. After the first 3 minutes dynamic adaptation took over followed within 1 minute with a dose. I then checked around in the similar area for any further spots, there were none.

I then moved to Left Para, where I found at the same level a similar reading, so I stopped here and held for 5 minutes. Dynamic adaptation took over after 5 minutes and then after a minute further a dose followed. I continued working around here in a small radius but found no other areas needing much work.

Now working on the Right Para, I found again at the same level the area to treat and within 5 minutes dynamic adaptation came on followed immediately by max dose.

At the time when I started on the Left Para, the person told me that her head became with a sensation of dizziness and lightheadedness. The feeling had stayed mostly throughout the procedure but was now much less. At each dose this feeling became stronger and then her ears felt like a popping sensation. At the last place of dosing, which had been at the right side all these sensations ceased completely and the arm also became pain free.

This has been 100% and she is still not having further trouble. This seems to be the end of her problem!