Pain and stiffness in foot

Testing PS705. Patient 4. Pain and stiffness in foot

© Vivienne Constad

Presented condition

Pain in Achilles tendon and foot. Especially first thing in the morning and when after resting there comes a pain which locks for a moment and a stiffness. Condition has been there approximately one week.

Case history

Patient Details: Female 50yrs.

Generally fit. Slim build, blonde complexion.

Past medical history

No other major disorders known. Thyroid slightly low. Taking small dose of thyroxin daily.

Treatment with 705

Started procedure by doing 3 pathways. Noticed extreme activity to right shoulder. Once pathways were complete I stayed with the shoulder as by now she was noticing some stiffness to the area. This developed into more over the lung area and resulted in 2 doses to the right hand side lung and shoulder area and one to the left side. This was all that I found on the spine. Not even an unbalanced reading on the coccyx!

I then worked to the ankle and foot area of the right side. Immediately the device touched this place it lit up like a Christmas tree and found instantly the highest energy place to work, in fact, all full display of lights showed.

It dosed very quickly in 4 areas around the ankle starting at the inner most place and working out. Each dose took around 3 to 4 minutes to complete. I worked for 30 minutes in all.

When there seemed no more left to do, the sensation was felt higher up the leg but only very slight.

We left this and this morning the patient has reported that there was no difficulty in getting up today and so far her ankle feels a lot better. She had forgotten anything further regarding the shoulder or lungs.


Again I have to say I was stunned with the speed this little device had and the level of power. The treatment was a very full one. I had not wanted to compromise the patient by not using the professional model device on her, however as soon as I commenced the session I no longer had that worry.