2005: First findings of EX715Ag

First findings of EX715Ag

Based on experiences since 1st September 2005 until 26th September 2005.

Recommended purpose

I think the best purposes for the 715 are for treating, better than diagnostic. I find it more appropriate for personal use than for professional. Will be good in emergency situations when a local area is quickly defined.

In all acute problems, I have found symptoms easy to disperse and a very fast complete recovery. Situations of muscular and skeletal problems are, as always, faster to achieve a positive result.

A number of chronic conditions that have seemed to have been stuck have been shifted and a change has occurred. But not in all cases. I have yet to discover which and why this is. I think for a reasonably able bodied person and for traveling it is superb, SO much more than the 705. Easy to carry in a purse.


The results achievable are phenomenal, a very powerful little thing equal to the power of the 735Ag. It is fast, gentle yet powerful. It seems to work on two very definite levels: always a feeling of well being is followed by a much deeper level of general improvement and specific area change after 2 hours or so.

I have found that, the more in touch a person is with his own body functioning and “clean” from chemical intake a much more dramatic result is found AND more quickly. For example, a person who takes homeopathic remedies and who eats healthily and exercises regularly, but takes no alcohol or smoking, will recover far more quickly, yes, BUT will notice the effect of THIS device more profoundly than any other type, within one session.

Also it is been noticed by me that sometimes whilst working on a body the person cannot feel so much during working and is therefore expecting little change, but is then very surprised to find that at the end of the work carried out the result is very dramatic.

Some people like this gentle quality and some don't!

Working during a session

I have started in S0 placing device to take a measure of activity. Then remembering the visual of the display I switched to S1 (I started most cases, in the beginning this way). Placing the device in S1 in one place (place of highest activity) and waiting for a dose, then if not much activity, (following the principle of trying to find highest activity to give dosing) I continue in different positions in the same area following shape and direction of muscle or organ.

Once activity seemed to lessen, if the patient felt better I would stop. If patient did not notice change I would then continue by changing to S2 or S3 according to where on the body corresponded to the picture and then try using the same principle of dosing and activity to make dosing again.

Generally after 16 to 25 minutes later there would be an effect. This would be mostly with acute conditions.


If the patient had little effect or change to condition I would start to move around, until I noticed slight stickiness.

In many cases like this I did find sticky places but it is a different feeling than the sticky in 735. If sticky in 735 is like the residue left after a sticky label is removed, then the 715 sticky is like placing and pulling in sticky honey or glue, hard to move at all.

Techniques of action

I have tried to use 3 pathways. (I use 3 pathways sometimes to open receptors of the nervous system and not pay too much attention of the readings until afterwards).

SO, pathways with 715 is very boring, sorry!

I found if that was necessary to do, (pathways) I would drag the device over the tracks and stimulate that way and then go to local areas and hold device to body firmly for dosing. (This does use much more battery power).

The best actions with the 715 have been held firmly and deep action has taken place, as you have said much lighter level action from moving around on skin, but this has produced sticky type feelings and red areas to see (making easier to know where to work next). But most change of dynamics has been to place deep on skin.

In so doing, at first the level of treatment seems to go to quite a depth and gives a good result but if I keep going on until the change to when the mode becomes short re-starting continual doseing mode, the feeling for patient suddenly hits the deeper spot where the pathology was and then all pain goes fast!


I have not had very much worsening so far. But mostly this is with acute conditions which have been very fast to recover.

One patient insists she has had no result at all, but she is a very difficult woman. Her readings shown by the device and results showing to me by her body language have improved greatly, however she is in denial of many issues in her life and this is part of her condition!

Another patient has had worsening, but then we did work with both devices (735 and 715) so I can not tell. But really so far none.

Using EX715Ag professionally

I just feel that I have more control and understanding of where the procedure is at any one time and what I am doing with the 735.

715 is small for holding in full practice but it is powerful and makes a good back up. It is very very fast, but sometimes with mostly complicated chronic, systemic conditions it seems to have little effect at the time, however.

I have seen a couple of those cases return and they felt not much change at all on the whole BUT they are long term patients who are just managed to be stable in their condition so I think they continued to be stable and did not deteriorate in any way. (Which means it was good here too!)


I do not like the way it is opened for a battery change over, as it leaves room for too much error on the part of the person, especially if they are a bit unused to delicate instruments. They can touch too much and accidentally damage something. To take a small screwdriver to open the device, the tool can slip and then damage the plastic.

Eventually as the batteries need to be changed so often, the plastic of the screw fastening may crack or wear and the screw would not hold any longer.

I think it may be slightly confusing to understand for a home user. Just the display is quite complex! e.g. compared to the 735 series there is a lot of information going on in one screen at one time.

EX715Ag and VX 735Ag

735Ag feels like extension of my arm and energy and I feel like the electrodes are my fingers, (my hands used to massage).

I sense with this device where I need to be and then watch the display and body changes to confirm my own opinions, all the time. I know more or less how far into the procedure I am and how long I will be, when I will hold to dose more deeply or when I will just change to massage and disperse energy in the area and finish.

With 715 I am not able to feel too much through this device myself yet and have to ask many more questions to follow the progress that I may be making. Tiring for my eyes to watch constantly a small screen to see where I am. Either can use power enough for patient to feel sensation, or to keep being inventive with modes and areas to gain same results. Both of these ways can be more tiring to do, so this is why for home use it would not be an issue.

Size factor.

Also length of battery time is little.

Functions begin to do odd things once power level shows half or just above half.

Personal feeling

I wait excitedly for the professional model of this, fully COSMODIC device. I find working in COSMODIC very satisfying and so far have found that the best of all the family has been 735v5Ag. Now there is some competition with the new baby (715), but I would prefer a larger model to hold as many of my patients have a difficulty from arthritic hands, to hold such a small device for any length of time. Also to open up such a small device can be a fiddle.

© Vivienne Constad

London, UK