Non Hodgkin Lymphoma

A case of Non Hodgkin Lymphoma


Last summer 2009, my husband, Gordon Burls, was beginning to feel unwell, very tired with large patches of bruising on his arms which seemed to be bleeding under the skin.

He had also developed a large abdomen and had difficulty breathing. In September he started seeing the doctor when eventually, after various tests, said his P S A levels were extremely high and it was time to see a haematologist.

After further tests, he was diagnosed with non Hodgkin Lymphoma, a rare type called waldemstrom macroglobularanaema. He had a large mass in his abdomen, which was wrapped around his liver, kidneys, and pressing on his lungs. By this time, he was feeling extremely unwell, and was admitted to hospital after Christmas for extensive tests and chemotherapy.

Fortunately, I had bought the Cosmodic-Scener machine in November 2009, (professional model) and was able to treat Gordon with the machine, under the guidance of Vivienne Constad.

Whenever the chemotherapy was due I treated him extensively across the whole back, over the lymphoma area, up to above the waist, several times a day. I did this for three days before and three days after chemotherapy. As a result, my husband did not seem to suffer at all. There was no sickness, some tiredness, however that was all.

The haematologist had intended giving him eight chemo's but this was stopped after six, because the tumor had shrunk to next to nothing. He is now officially in remission and we are keeping our fingers crossed, I had treated him for a year with the Cosmodic-Scener machine, but have now stopped for a rest period of a month.

This is a start, I will send you further information shortly.

Update: My husband was 84 in March of this year. I was going to add to the previous email, that following his chemo treatment he lost very little hair, which is very unusual.