Missing Voice and Dog

The Case of the Missing Voice and Dog. First Modific EX735Ag

Patient Details: Female 63 years

I was approached by a dog, whilst out walking my dog on our daily exercise. He seemed to follow me and keep coming over to nudge my leg. I stroked him and sent him away to his owner. He kept reappearing and eventually I managed to rid myself of his company.

A little further on I met up with a friend who asked me if I had seen this dog, who had lost his owner but the owner could not call as she had lost also her voice! After some time of looking we decided to leave and on leaving the dog came over again. This time he would not allow me to leave. His owner eventually showed and in a low whisper was able to tell me she had lost her voice and then her dog! I suggested to her some remedy for her throat and voice and she asked me what I did. I told her and she asked to return with me for treatment as both she and the dog, were in need of some attention.

We began actually with her dog (this was actually the Scenar device 97.4, one of the older technology of Alexander Karasev) I keep this unit for animals only. Within 15 minutes the dog had had enough and was walking very well into the garden. It seems he had been receiving acupuncture for some months, which was helping his hips but he was pained this day and not walking well before this. He is 13 years old.

I took a case history of the woman and her case too was very interesting.

She had suffered with sporadic collapsing since she was a young girl with uncontrollable vomiting. The best diagnosis that was given to her then was Labyrinthitis, although she was not convinced of this. Although it is not a frequent occurrence it does still occur. At the age of 19 she had also contracted hepatitis, which she recovered from. She had contracted herpes in the last 5 years. Since the time of this last virus, she has been told by certain people who had noticed that her energy was not the same as it had been. Last year she contracted another virus and this affected her voice and lungs and she has not been able to rid herself of this since.

The day prior to my meeting her dog she had awoken without her voice and was now feeling very fatigued and tired. Also suffering from short-term memory loss.

I worked with Modific for 50:51minutes. This seemed much longer than I would expect to work on a first session however her body was responding well and there were no adverse reactions from her so I continued. I would normally expect to work around 30 minutes for a first session, or even less. The body showed me priorities of her neck, C7 and lungs also liver area, to the right of the spine. Also, at each side of her neck over the vagus nerve.

Within 5 minutes her voice returned and she began to feel sensations in many areas that I was working on and her sensations were very animated. At the end she reported that her voice was stronger. That she could feel something had changed in the top of her head. She exclaimed that her neck seemed to feel much longer although she thought it could not possibly be so. She felt a little giddy but then she said ‘but quite good’ in a very booming voice.

Two days later I saw her again as she had decided now to have as much treatment as she could afford as it seemed to be just what her body needed. She reported that she had slept for the last 2 nights (something that she was unable normally to do). That she felt human again.

She had felt wonderful for two days but today was now feeling very emotional and sad.

Her head felt more clear and she had been coughing phlegm and getting it out of her lungs.

The area now was much more focused to her neck and across the top of her shoulders only.

I worked for 40:51 minutes.

Also at the vagus nerve to each side again. This she said felt as if she had had an injection of energy!

Her urine had become very yellow.

After this session she reported:

Her voice was although improved again still felt sticky on one side.

She felt spaced out and energised, but still very sad.

Also, a sensation to the right of her head similar as to last time.

When I worked on her neck this time also her nose suddenly cleared and she was able to breath more easily. Something, that she had not mentioned previously.

She did feel a little dizzy again and upset.

4 days later I saw her again and this time the places that the diagnostic brought up were only neck and top of shoulders. I worked again approximately 50 minutes with Modific.

After this she felt sleepy and like her insides had warmed up a little. Also she felt something, fluttery in her stomach. She had felt this feeling before when it was connected to some bladder infection.

This case is ongoing and I shall be seeing her again this week and again on my return.