Neuropathic pain and reflux

Neuropathic pain and reflux

Patient Details: Male; 69 -72 years of age

Presented Conditions – December 2008

Post Operative Symptoms:-

A. Pains down both legs especially when standing up after sitting

B. Pains in the head and neck C. Severe heartburn & chest pains

Past Medical History

July 08:

Spinal operation to overcome serious lumbar spine stenosis in lower 4 vertebrae (L2 – L5) which had been misdiagnosed for 2 years prior to the operation.

I was advised that the leg pains would progressively reduce over a 2 year period after the operation.

October 08:

Spinal operation to overcome external bone growth on cervical vertebrae C6 & C7, post operative symptoms included neck and head pains.

November 08:

Hiatus hernia keyhole operation to reduce chronic acid reflux and resultant pains in the chest and Oesophagus, this was after 2 – 3 years of suffering while taking increasing amounts of Omeprazole.

Post operation, there was still a need to take 20 mg of Omeprazole each night.

Treatment – December 08 – April 09

During December 08 I had 7 treatments over 4 weeks.

I travelled from mid Essex to Vivienne’s base in Muswell Hill by train & underground for each treatment, the journey initially proving difficult due to the leg pains.

During the same period I was also screened using the Bio-Meridian diagnostic equipment to determine any additional natural supplements my body required for optimum nutritional support.

On Vivienne’s recommendation the recommended natural supplements were ordered from Nutri (Imports& Exports) Ltd.

After the first treatment there was a noticeable improvement in the symptoms especially the heartburn and chest pains and the return journey was always easier because of the reduction of leg pains. The improvement in symptoms continued progressively after and in between each treatment, the reduction in leg pain in 4 weeks may have taken over 12 months without the treatments!

I purchased PS 705 Ag mini device to enable me to continue treatment in between appointments, this proved effective in controlling pain in the Oesophagus especially in the early morning.

In February 09 I continued with further 9 treatments at weekly intervals. The treatments continued to reduce the head and neck pains.

I also had another Bio-Meridian screening to update my nutritional requirements. Unfortunately I had been diagnosed with collapsed discs S1- L5 & L5 – L4 and chronic lumbar spine pain returned and the condition became very debilitating, however without the treatments the condition would have been much worse. Later in the year I went into hospital for a spinal fusion operation.

During the time while I was being treated, I found Vivienne to be very friendly and helpful and extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of body functions and their remedial treatment. The visits for treatment are always enjoyable and I feel extremely lucky to have made contact at an extremely difficult time in my life.

Presented Conditions - July 2011

Post Operative Symptoms:- Neuropathic pains due to severe nerve damage experienced in:-

A. The pelvic area in particular in the Sacroiliac Joints (SI joints) making sitting for longer than 15 minutes very painful.

B. The back of the head and neck.

C. The calf muscles, ball of the foot and toes.

Because of the ongoing symptoms which were painful and debilitating, I could not travel to Muswell Hill for 16 months after the Feb 10 operation for the treatment which I knew could help me. I was very depressed and unsure of my future mobility and quality of life.

Further Medical History

August 09:

Spinal operation removing discs S1-L5 & L5-L4 and fusing the relevant vertebrae to overcome leg

and back pain and the resultant lack of mobility.

February 10:

Further spinal operation to remove disc L4-L3 and fusing the relevant vertebrae to overcome reoccurring leg and back pain and the resultant lack of mobility.

In the following 17 months after the February operation I suffered continuing pain and the seriously negative effects of several drugs (Gabapentin, Pregabalin, and Amitriptyline & Nortriptyline) and limited relief from injections into the coccyx and SI joints (x2). None of these medications or procedures gave any long term relief.

Treatment - July 11 onwards

Within 48 hours of the first treatment, there was an amazing improvement in the pelvic symptoms, so much so that I was able to drive 2 hours to Kent to visit my wife’s family for the day and drive back, prior to the treatment 20 – 30 minutes was my absolute maximum endurance!

Subsequently I have had 10 further treatments at 10 day intervals and I have been screened twice using Bio- Meridian screening to update my nutritional requirements.

After 4 treatments I drove to Muswell Hill instead of using public transport, an indication of improvement.

Each treatment has progressively reduced the Neuropathic symptoms immediately after and in between each treatment. The improvement has enabled me to enjoy life and do social things as well as catch with 4 years of home decoration, DIY jobs, and gardening including replacing a garden fence!

The treatment is ongoing as the neuropathic symptoms in the head and feet are reduced but they are proving difficult to overcome. However considering I was told the symptoms I had before treatment were likely to be permanent, the progress is excellent.

Again I have benefitted from Vivienne’s experience and advice as well as the treatments and again I feel extremely lucky to have made contact at another extremely difficult time in my life. 01/11/11

Update 27/01/12

Dear Vivienne,

You will be pleased to hear that I have continued to improve since the last treatment on January 5th, so much so that the pelvic/SI joint pain/sensations and foot & toe pains have completely gone on my left side and have greatly reduced on my right side!

I feel at this stage I would like to continue the 'rest period' for a few more weeks, I will continue with the Nutri items you recommended from the last screening as they have improved my digestive system and well being.

Please feel free to put my comments on the site update and if at any time you have somebody who needs some assurance about the treatments I would be pleased to speak to them if it would help!

Best regards and thank you for getting me back to near normal.