Quantum iLife/ iNfinity

Here we can scan and test all of the body systems such as:

    • Meridians

    • Phobia Balancing

    • Chakra Scan

    • Risk Analysis

    • Aura Scan

    • Sacred Geometry

    • Emotional

    • Sensitivities

    • Body Systems

    • Spinal Scan

    • Nutrition

    • Spiritual Protection

    • Homeopathy

    • Toxicity/Stress

    • Solfeggio frequencies

    • Brain Wave EEG

Quantum Infinity/ iLife is the latest system to be added to our practice -

a most remarkable tool for those if us who are unable to reach everyone, all of the time in person.

With this little app we can analyse your wellness and then "tone" your body with energetic signatures and frequencies.

Welcome to a new world of Quantum medicine - this is what it can look like, with this small app from an iPhone iPad or Android.

To give you a brief overview of how this works, who better than from one of the system's founders!

Please view this short video, it will give you an overview of just how it works! Over to you, Ryan...