Eye condition

11 month old baby with eye condition.

We began this treatment in March 2010. The baby’s condition had been recognised at 4 months.

As she grew older it occurred more often and stayed for longer.

She had seven treatments in all and each for approximately 15 minutes, on occasion 18 minutes. This included her playing for 5 minutes at the start by placing the tablet, probe attachment in her hand or her mouth. This was at the other end attached to EX735 Au Modific.

After each session her parents reported an extreme increase in her energy levels and she was very happy. (An increase in her feeling of well being).

After the third session they also noticed that the strength and condition of the weak eye seemed stronger and stayed for a prolonged period of time. Of course this was normalising function and I would expect for this to subside until all new tissue was regenerated.

She did however take a very special diet, as she seemed to be sensitive to cows milk.

She clearly had a slight liver imbalance / nervous system and over the period this also seemed to improve.

After the seventh session her condition had stabilised enough for her parents to consider it was time enough to stop for a while as now it was only when she seemed to be tired that the condition worsened. We did feel that by exercising the muscle in the previously weak eye the treatment to date could be sufficient.

Before working

After working

At last session