A new device - a new technology


The next training for Professionals is scheduled for London

11th 12th and 13th July 2017

A new system joins the practice!

For more details click here:

Quantum Infinity App and all you need to know..

27th, 28th and 29th April 2015

Introducing the debut to our new Cosmetology day

To take place in Mexico, 2nd,3rd, 4th and 5th November 2013

Training for September 2013

Was a great course. We entertained participants from Barbados, India, Great Britain and South Africa

We introduced a new element to this course, a very highly renowned chef, Chris Kitch provided our food each day for us and not only delivered our food but in the most beautifully presented way.

he made for us a combination of three different salad meals each day accompanied with either bread or cake or corn breads, all was vegetarian, gluten and wheat - dairy free.

he even picked us organic pears form his own tree!


Next 'training for the home user' scheduled for 24th and 25th June 2013

Next 'training for professionals' scheduled for 10th 11th and 12th June 2013

Latest bulletin

We have a new device!

March 2013

EX735Ag Slider x 2

Available to order immediately limited numbers

more efficient in its work, more explicit modes to work in, far more control over recovery

small number of successful cases already on site

see first top line cases under cases page

Our next training will be in June 2013

our expected dates are 7th, 8th and 9th respectively!

details to come..

Announcing dates for the spring training

12th, 13th and 14th April 2013

November 2012

Training for Student-Professionals

The next Professional training will take place in Spring 2013

This training took place outside of the Hospital venue.

Dates: 7th and 8th November 2012

After having our regular course, "Training for Professionals" end for 2012, it seemed a good idea to squeeze in one extra course which we completed this week but based at The Chine.

A great way to ensure that their work would be perfection and to catch them before they were able to develop less proficient skills.

We had a wonderful group of newcomers to Cosmodic this last week.

Each on a journey of recovery that had brought them to a place where, given a little more expertise they would become proficient enough to help many other people in their own communities recover from conditions they had now experienced themselves.

Prior to attending, those wishing to become professional had already begun their anatomy, physiology and natural nutrition courses. They were astounded as to what a difference our training days made to their already enthusiastic skills.

We infused everything into every last minute and even supplied a fabulous wheat free, vegetarian meal for all, over the two days. Our thanks to Sherine here, for her tasty meals.

We had patients from the clinic attend each day, as we like to teach by practical skills, hands on. It makes it more real for our students if the cases are real patients and not simply friends and family.

Regrettably we had little time for photos.

End October 2012

Nutri Ltd launch their new look at the CAM Show 2012

a great show was had by all

"Simply the best!"

October 2012

Announcing the next training for Professionals

Next training to be held at the Whittington Hospital Education Centre will take place on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of November 2012

September 2012

Limited stock of the new Myoscen is now available.

leather cases have been improved.

photo on its way...

July 2012

Introducing the latest snapshots of the new edition!

Our Retro device!

Here you can see our new baby, a new home use device.

Fully automated and including a little of three technology's both past, present and future!

From behind, one can see, there are two electrodes and these are both detachable to allow the additional connection of external attachments, which are not shown here.

The electrodes of this device are not silver, they are steel. The benefit of this is to ensure the best of our technology but with the cheapest price to the people who wish to use it.

please email for cost to

The case in which this little one arrives is leather and very Retro too! easy to use and hold. Enabling easy access to the little device.

Later - July 2012

An exciting new announcement to make!

We are pleased to present another new member to our team!

Naomi Davis

read all about her in her own page on our site...

July 2012

Having brought back from Russia an exciting new retro device for the home market I am testing it now and reports will be out soon regarding it.

watch this space....

June 2012

Introducing a new technology to the Practice!

From the USA


We are proud to announce the arrival of a new baby to the practice in North London.

Her name is Nano SRT!

She is very concerned about de-sensitising and de-stressing our body's from things that we react to. In order to screen we use a totally non invasive probe which is attached to our clothing and measures our responses.

This is in order to produce charts showing us our levels of reactions to these various stresses. once having assessed these, which can take around 8 minutes, a 2 minute processing is administered after which we may have the mildest feelings of tiredness etc over the following day. This teaches the body to no longer react to the stresses that are being sensed and we are able to recover and no longer react badly to our foods or environment.

So far, together with Slider I am getting very impressive results with all.

The Next Training for Professionals is scheduled to be in September 2012

Once again our May training was great! another wonderful group who are eager to get going and make a difference to those around them. We once again exceeded expectations regarding achievements over the 3 days and all of our patients who came in for treatment each had dramatic results before our very eyes! it could not have been planned!

After our success in March, we thought it would have been hard to beat however, the group were again exceptional people and not only did we have fun but we all learned something very special.

Well done all groups to date....

We re watching out for you!!!

The March training was a great course as such, we have been invited to make a regular appearance there.

Tutors for this next training will once again be:

Vivienne Constad & Sherine Lovegrove (pictured below)

We would like to welcome Sherine Lovegrove to SCENAR UK. Her debut was made at the Whittington Education Centre training course.

Since December 2011 it has been repeatedly requested that we make additional training courses just for professionals.

In response to these requests we are happy to announce a new course just for professionals that will be taking place on 12th and 13th March 2012 at the new Whittington Hospital Education Centre in North London, places are limited to twelve and you will need a device to participate. We can supply the schedule for our two day event on request.

Please email for details

March 2012 - Training for professionals at the Whittington Hospital Education Centre

January 2012 - On its way - still being tested and improved, the new EV internal Probe

December 2011 - This amazing model has almost sold out!

June 2011 - Introducing the latest addition to the Modific family!

SCENAR-COSMODIC EX735Ag Modific-with sliding technology

“LET Medical” Research Lab presents a newly developed version of EX735Ag,..