Shoulder / neck spasm

Herniated discs to lumbar spine, shoulder / neck spasm

Male: 27 yrs

Cosmodic Treatment of case

Whiplash, which had affected the neck and shoulder to the left side had been sustained some 6 years ago due to a car accident. Since then even specific exercise had not entirely enabled his body to complete the healing process and he was still experiencing difficulties. Digestion has not been brilliant and as such has occasionally lead to mild difficulties. Another symptom of mild complaint was cramping muscles post exercise.

We decided to begin with Cosmodic and I also made some suggestions to nutritional intake which he followed efficiently.

1st Treatment - Wednesday 16th June 2010


Immediately after my first treatment, I felt very alert, awake and no tension in my muscles/body what so ever. By the evening tension began to return in my right trap but only very slight and the tension in my spine between my shoulder blades had returned.

The stiffness in my neck and shoulder did return but after a brief rub/massage, full motion returned and the tightness subsided. All other daily activities such as sleep, digestion, mood etc remained as normal after the first night.

By Tuesday 22nd June 2010, the following symptoms had returned:

2nd Treatment - Tuesday 22nd June 2012

At the start of the 2nd treatment, I had no symptoms. By the end of this treatment, I again felt very alert but as I had no symptoms, my body the same as before. By the evening, tension resumed in my left trap. When at the gym the next day, my shoulder also felt very delicate. Since then, the tension in my left trap has always remained.

Also, when cycling, I felt a constant pain in between my lower spine and in my left hip.

Ever since, my disc in my lower back twinges ever so slightly out to the right of my spine. However, when I did go to the gym, my shoulder did feel stronger than usual and I felt no discomfort during or after my workout when raising my arm out laterally.

It is now Monday 28th June 2010 and my symptoms are as follows:

3rd Treatment Tuesday 29th June 2010

Before treatment, my symptoms were as follows:

During the treatment, my shoulders instantly felt loose and I had gained significantly more movement in my neck.

By that evening, tension in my left trap had returned and my lower back was still was still delicate.

When I went to the gym the next day, my left shoulder did begin to tighten more than usual and my neck was very stiff.

My left shoulder also felt weaker for the first time so I was unable to sustain the workout I was able to last week.

After this, I did rest and not carry out any exercise and my symptoms on the 5th July seem to have subsided almost completely. Tightness in my left shoulder is minor and my lower back now feels strong and has yet to twinge.

4th Treatment - 6th July 2010

Before treatment I had no symptoms to report.

During the treatment, Vivienne had spent the majority of her time on the left side of my neck.

As always, after treatment, I felt good. There was no tension or tightness in my muscles, particularly in my neck and shoulders.

That evening and for the following 3 days, the area Vivienne had treated was quite tight. I could definitely tell that a lot of work had been done on this area.

On the 3rd day, I did go to the gym and noticed that I did not have to nurse my shoulder as much throughout the workout ie, massage it, keep it warm, keep stretching it etc etc. My shoulder and neck felt almost as good as new and I could almost carry out all exercises I was doing previously ie shoulder press, lateral shoulder raised and chin-ups.

After consulting with Vivienne about my progress, we decided a 5th session was not required at the stage.

It is now 19th July and I still feel that my shoulder and neck is still improving as I re-gain the strength lost in these areas.

I completed a full shoulder workout without any difficulties and soreness the next day.

Massaging / stretching the shoulder whilst exercising was even less then my previous training session.

All this improvement, and I am yet to see my Chiropractor. This is through Cosmodic-Scenar alone.

5th Treatment - 12th October 2010

Before treatment, symptoms were as follows:

The next day after treatment, my shoulder was sore, my left trap was particularly tight and my lower back was very sore.

By Friday, the soreness subsided and now feels very good.

Since the last session he went to the gym and accidentally damaged the shoulder. He subsequently rebooked a session which was a day later.

Here is the latest update following that session: case ongoing

6th Treatment - 26th October 2010

Guess what, as you are aware, after your treatment, my neck felt better but not great. Well......throughout the day it just got better and better.

The next day, it was good enough to get me back in the gym.

Today it feels 97% there. Amazing stuff!!

Looking forward to seeing you Monday.

Update: 19th November 2010

I am so sorry for not getting in touch sooner.

Both the shoulder and neck are feeling good. I Have had around 5 training sessions since and now back at full strength.