Endometrial thickening - undefined mass

Female : 49 yrs

Diagnosis : Endometrial thickening with an undefined mass.

Having had 4 benign breast growths removed over some previous years, this lady was scheduled to have a 5th growth removed from within a muscle in her upper arm. During tests prior to her imminent operation and as she had spontaneously commenced abnormal bleeding again she was shocked to be informed that they showed a further undefined mass and thickened of the endometrium. Because of this, a further investigative operation was scheduled for some months later. Cosmodic- Scenar was administered post operatively to her upper arm.

A scan was taken 2 months later, prior to her scheduled Uterine operation .. she was then amazed that the operation had to be cancelled as everything had returned to normal and now no procedure was necessary ...

The case:

Diagnosis : Endometrial thickening with an undefined mass.

4 children, all normal births. Mild eating disorder during early years of child bearing, due to self neglect. Poor nutrition. Diet poor for self mainly due to lack of finances and abusive relationship.

Past medical history

Successful removal of 5 benign lumps from breasts and upper arm over the last 20 years.

She first came to me when she had her 5th benign growth in her arm diagnosed, midway between the elbow and the shoulder. We worked a course of treatment (it was giving her pain and making her feel tired). The course consisted of 3 x weekly sessions for 5 weeks.

The GP scheduled an operation for her to have the lump removed.

Although it had NOT reduced in size during or following our sessions, it did continually changed shape and consistency. But her sensations of pain and sensitivity were arrested, her energy levels increased, she felt much better (increased mobility of the arm also). After she had the latest lump removed I worked to recover her post operatively.

She was also, still being monitored by her Doctor for the uterine problems that seemed to return.

She had transcervical resection of the endometrium 5 years ago and the problem, pain and heavy bleeding, was not expected to return. No further bleeding for 3 years, then the occasional day or 3 of bleeding lightly. Suddenly bleeding commenced this year in February through March. She has been taking various medications administered by her GP to stop this, however there have been severe side effects to the drugs, which is why she was sent for a scan. First scan for this condition taken 19th May 2005 showed that the endometrium had thickened to 7 mm and there was now a large and undefined mass within, of unusual structure never expected to be found in that part of the body.

Second scan taken following 2 months later after one course of SCENAR showed a reduction in the endometrium to 4 mm and the undefined mass completely gone! Bleeding has arrested. They discharged her officially but she has requested and her GP agreed they will do a biopsy in September anyway unless the symptoms stop totally.

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Treatment VX735Ag

One whole course from May to July. Worked mostly in SM. Always from the spine and often locally too. Result very pleasing, bleeding normalised, pains in areas that we worked, predominantly postoperative benign lump, all subsided and recovery from operation good. I noticed that when we worked post operatively, following her lump removal to her arm, her body was so sensitive to SC that I worked mostly in CS for the duration and only on related body points in SM. (Really for relief of the sensation, its was less uncomfortable for her.)

Made changes to diet and nutritional intake. Commenced drinking some water (before she has never been drinking water, unless it is tea or coffee, or sparkling like coke or lemonade, since a child never water, nothing more special than that).

EX715Ag - 8th September 2005

First session was due to pain in side of lower abdomen and I followed this around from spine to position of both ovaries then chased the pain around to the front. This subsided after 45 minutes and then the liver needed clearing from stickies. This I did and finished with 5 minutes on the colon, which resulted in a very thorough detox several hours later.

I did not use S0 but instead worked between S1 and S3. We almost achieved a minimum dose after approx. 70 mins of work on the body, but only to 93% came. All pain had subsided and she felt very much better and relaxed. We worked again within 2 days.

2nd session Still bleeding, but due to have biopsy later in week as this had been previously arranged by her Doctor, she did not cancel.

Pain was now in centre spine at lower lumbar level very predominantly. The pain moved to the side and then I chased it back to the spine and up a little higher.

Worked in S1 and S3 today also. Session was only 35 minutes and I was able to minimum dose each time!


This was a very pleasing outcome, however the patient has had to commence the medication given to arrest bleeding, as the operation intended will be cancelled if this continues at the appointment.

September 20, 2005

The patient had Biopsy, awaiting results from that. Bleeding post operatively has ceased and recovery is very fast from that. Cleared liver from sticky, worked on immune system and nervous system. Patient has slept more than normal but not needed pain killers that were prescribed.

Menopause officially confirmed and now we await results of biopsy as they could find nothing else to report on!

November 29, 2005

Now we have the document signing off this case with the undefined mass and thickened endometrium.. which is no longer there!!!