Case of a horse with a damaged neck

Case of a horse with damaged neck

The first picture below is after having been treated within 24 hours of yearling flipping over a gate.

When I started treating him, it looked as if he would fall over any time, his front legs kept crossing over,

He fractured the wings on the 3rd vertebrae.

When I put the scenar on the C7 the reading was 289, after 50 minutes it still would not dose, I started treating him for the first week 4 times that week, after that I treated him twice a week, then once a week

All in all he has had about 15 sessions, only in the last 5 sessions the C7 started to dose within 15 minutes

Last picture taken of yearling with fractured neck, now happyly running around in the paddock, still some muscle wastage, but broken in now to harness and turned out till start racing as a 2 year old.

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