bill review

Update to the case of Bill's stroke ..

Dear Vivienne,

I don't think I ever told you about my husband Bill and his stroke. In January 2011, he began to be ill. He suddenly developed slurred speech, poor coordination and was generally unwell. He was admitted to Arrowe Park Hospital the following day and diagnosed with a stroke. He came out of hospital after 3 days, barely able to walk and with extreme weakness down the whole of his left side. The prognosis was that it was very likely that he would suffer more strokes. However, again I used the Scenar machine and he gradually improved. He has never had another stroke, is now well and can write and do everything normally that he couldn't do immediately after the incident. Considering he is 85 years old, has had two lots of cancer and a major stroke, I think he is remarkable, and again I think this improvement is largely thanks to the Scenar machine.