2012 Report of New Myoscen

September 2012

Recommendations for use of new Myoscen for the user.

I have found this device to be better than I had expected it to be.

Being impressed with its Retro appearance, I was then further impressed by its performance.

Not that it is either easier or lighter or heavier or more efficient or bigger or smaller etc than any other of the models so far, simply for a home use device and also one with steel electrodes I found it to give me great satisfaction in the treatment I was able to administer using it.

Here is a case from when I first used this device:

which may help to explain how I found it.

Patient 1: Male 62 years.

Presiding symptoms:

Itching of shoulders and back, feeling quite alert, heaviness in head, in general though, quite tired this week.


The power is best felt at a lower level, one level higher than the first, ie with two indicator lights showing. As higher than this is quite intensive when working on an area of complaint.


Placing at the top of the spine I used the diagnostic in a way that would stimulate all receptors to the nervous system, ie touching each position firmly along the spine to coccyx long enough to give a reading.

In this way I proceeded to work in areas that I felt were valuable to this person with current symptoms and knowing the current condition. In other words where I felt the device pull against the skin or the patient say it felt good or deep, I held the device here and allowed it to dose.

To begin with, the dose appeared to be take a long time to complete the cycle but did dose in the end. The second dose I had decided to work at C7, which was fairly slow to complete its cycle and then would not complete but left one light vacant and did not dose. This appeared to take around 20 minutes or so. (This was harder to tell with no timer or display as in a professional model). However after some long time once it seemed to be quiet and no longer doing much, I removed it and went to the next place. This was to be left and then right of the former placement to see if I could make a dose here on this level. To the left it began fairly slowly and then speeded up and dosed suddenly.

Most of the next dosing was very, very fast and after 25 minutes the itching appeared to be totally gone. The heaviness in the head had lifted slightly but not gone. As this is a new device and as the patient has been treated for some time I decided, with his consent to continue a little longer to see what else we could do.

From here I worked around the neck, I began at the left of C3 and then right and this caused sensations of tingling to go down each arm, respectively.

Next I went to the vagus nerve on left side first for 3 minutes with no dose but caused sensations to left scapula and up to behind ear. On right vagus nerve he said it felt a different sensation and it did become too much so I pushed the switch to down and it became more comfortable. This made sensations to jaw and ear. On this lower power it dosed really fast unlike the other side. Although I had been working in automated power level not adjusted it myself, there seemed no need.

After this he said the heaviness in head had disappeared but I noticed that since the 25 minutes and still he had begun to release gas from his stomach and was belching consistently at regular intervals now.

The total time we worked was 40 minutes in all.

This man has been in touch again but has been away on business a few months.

He says that he would like to return to continue a course of treatment but with the same device that we used this time as he feels that he preferred the signal on his skin to that of the other devices I had used before with him. He felt that it is not quite as gentle and for him it felt like an improvement.

General comments:

Overall, the battery life appears to be very good. I have so far not had to replace the batteries more than once. The other good thing is that it is possible to attach other probes of LET Medical, to this device, by the removal of the current steel electrodes, which are detachable and replacing them with small cables-magnets and attaching other probes in this way. The device itself has magnets beneath its electrodes in order to attach them, which in itself increases efficacy of treatment.

There is little to report from an interactive perspective with this device, as it appears to simplify complications of any working, great news for all home users. It gives a very good impression at the time of working and in my opinion, is particularly good when working with acute injuries. The time taken to relieve current presiding symptoms like itching or pain is very fast and efficient.

It can seem a little confusing to the user at the start but really the less one tries to become involved with its treating and the more one allows it to work as it wants to, the better the result is. I would suggest that if you are not already familiar with devices such as these that you just place the device where you feel the most beneficial to the complaint and let it dose. This is also described in the manual that accompanies the unit. It can be hard going for the professional user as there is some delay in its resetting between taking readings. Which for the home user is essential

Update - November 2012

The recent modification of this device is an improvement so far as the sensitivity of its diagnostic.

Plus a change of case...