Thumb / hand Injury

Thumb / hand Injury

Dear Vivienne

I felt I had to write and tell you of the remarkable recovery I had from a thumb injury this month after using my Scenar - EX715Ag

9th June 2010

I slipped on some mud and on landing bent my thumb back, it hurt a lot and started to swell.

When I returned home I immediately used my scenar on the injury. This took away a lot of the pain and swelling and I continued to use it during the evening.

10th June before working

10th June 2010

My thumb was still painful and now showed bad bruising. As I was at work it wasn't possible to

use the scenar as much as I would have liked.

11th June 2010

As I work in a doctors surgery the doctor was concerned in case there was a fracture and sent me for an x ray. The radioligist was very undecided whether there was an undisplaced fracture as he could see a faint line on the knuckle joint. He conferred with a consultant and they decided that it was possibly an old injury showing on the x ray and that I had just badly sprained it and that it would take 6-8 weeks to heal.

10th June after working on it

June 11th after working

I continued to use the scenar, my doctor at work not convinced that there was not a fracture and also said it would take some weeks to heal.

21st June 2010

Very suddenly I realised this morning that my thumb had stopped hurting comletely and the swelling had gone, bruising had disappeared a few days prior to this.

My injury which according to the hospital and doctor would take 6-8 weeks to recover from had taken only 12days.

This I contribute to the use of my scenar, especially the fact that I treated it almost immediately.

Many thanks

Miss Colpus