Whiplash injury

Whiplash injury

Testimonial below - case coming later

I was suffering from severe whiplash after a car crash, two months after the crash I was still unable to turn my neck or sleep without taking several painkillers. Work was incredibly difficult and the pain was increasing throughout the day. I had tried physiotherapy and osteopathy but nothing was really working. In desperation I researched over the net and came up with SCENAR COSMODIC and the name Vivienne Constad.

At first I was quite apprehensive as I could not see what difference the bleeping machine would make, however that first night I was able to sleep for the first night since the accident pain free and without painkillers. Now after a few treatments my neck is moving freely and I am pain free and have stopped taking any painkillers. My work colleagues have all noticed how I have improved and that I am back to my old self. At long last I have been able to return to my own bed and own pillows rather than using my son’s softer bed and a special mouldable support pillow.

Vivienne is extremely professional and I found she was extremely proficient at using SCENAR COSMODIC . The treatment was completely pain free unlike my physiotherapy and the effects were obvious that first evening. I did find that at first the treatment was required at least twice a week, however after five treatments I was having fewer treatments and the effects were lasting longer. I would thoroughly recommend Vivienne for any pain relief treatment.