Repetitive Strain Injury

Testing PS705. Patient 7. Repetitive Strain Injury

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Presented condition

Repetitive Strain Injury to thumb

Case history

Patient Details: Female 45 yrs.

Healthy and fit person. Watches diet carefully and takes much care of intake of any kind.


Total session: 40 mins

3 pathways

First reaction to work with was left paravertebral at T7. This caused a sensation in throat, like a slight blockage. There has been some case of goitre (thyroid malfunction) in the family but not a problem diagnosed for her as yet. This sensation stayed until dose after 13 minutes. Dynamic adaptation came on followed by a dose after a further minute.

Now T5 to T7 very red. I left the device after dosing as she described a vibrating feeling occurring in her body, most parts. I waited for approximately one and a half minutes more and then the feeling subsided, waited to be sure 4 minutes more and nothing so I moved on.

Right Paravertebral. In the corresponding area to that of the last place on left side I now treated the right. Dynamic adaptation came after 1 minute only. Continued to check this area, the highest activity was at T5. After 3 minutes here the person told me that she was not so much feeling the sensation on her skin but inside her. And now her whole abdomen began to vibrate inside. I slowly pulled the device along to T7 without leaving the body as not much was occurring there now. More activity began here for a moment then nothing. I followed down to coccyx where I had noticed in pathways some reactive areas, but now they have changed.

I then moved up to cervical neck area and found some slight activity worth working on the right side. As I stayed here the patient’s face on the right side became very flushed and red. We could not explain this as any condition locally that we were aware of, like a tooth problem or so etc. No dose here. And by now she felt very tingley and good but we had finished.

February 15, 2006 11.30 am.

Presented condition

Again as before had a kind of nausea or lightheadedness since we worked.

The thumb injury was better, although she has rested it also.

Sleep improved much. Slept 2 nights through without the usual getting up to pee in the night.


After 3 pathways, started from C7 down spine and at T1/2 dynamic adaptation turned on after 12 minutes at this place.

Slipped down to T3 without coming off the body, still in dynamic adaptation. No dosing.

T4, 5, 6 and 7 all very high activity areas but no dosing although reached dynamic adaptation stage.

T12, L1, L2 became very red and again the same occurred here but no dosing still.

The nausea feeling subsided and the neck felt looser in places to her.

Whole treatment 55 minutes in total.

She took a break as she felt the thumb improved to normal.