Sprained ankle

Sprained ankle

Hello Vivienne,

My wife has used the EX735Ag on her sprained ankle, possibly with hairline crack; she felt tingly feelings from the device as the electrical current ran along the areas of most pain. She was able to walk without crutches within two days. Within two weeks her whole ankle was healed, after doing about four applications a day.

Using the vaginal probe she removed her thrush in two applications.

After her shoulder rotator cuff operation she was able to reduce the pain and return movement to the area after one month instead of the scheduled three months (according to surgeon).

As for me, I've diminished a small wart with about six applications over three weeks. Each time I applied the EX735Ag I can feel the electrical impulses over the wart and surrounding areas. Over time the electrical tingly sensation diminished in parallel with the wart diminishing; I guess not as much energy was needed as the wart got smaller.