Hernia Case

Male : 94 yrs

Diagnosis : Hernia / Post operative recovery.

Male 94 yrs Having been recalled a second time in 2 weeks for a hernia operation, this patient was delivered home.

Having been made comfortable in his easy chair he was then left for 3 days to fend for himself, confused and unable to move around. He became swollen and totally immobile. Within 1 hour after my arrival I managed to reduce all his swelling enable him to walk and get in and out of his chair unaided. I also managed to stabilise and subsequently clear up the cellulitis that had taken hold...

The case:

Diagnosis : Hernia / post operative recovery.

Having undergone two hernia operations in the same number of weeks, this gentleman was delivered home by ambulance. He was made comfortable and left, seated in his easy chair.

Some hours later he contacted his family, who were nearby and surprised, (they had expected him the following day) and asked them to call the GP. His legs and arms had swelled to huge proportions, his legs had become ulcerated and he was unable to move out of his chair.

The GP was unable to do much for him and the following day the family called for me to help. Within 15 minutes the swelling in his limbs reduced to normal. Within 40 minutes of the session he was able to walk around and take care of small duties for himself again.

He was taking 10 different medications at this time, some for heart, water retention, thinning agents and so on.

After 3 more days of seeing this gentleman twice daily, he was walking again normally, the ulcerations on his legs had cleared and he was really on the way to full recovery.

I administered a full course of treatment over a number of weeks and by the 16th session not only was he feeling great but his medications had been reduced to only 7 now also. This was something that his doctor could not understand and certainly did not expect.

There were many issues addressed during his treatment, cardio vascular, digestive, and immune system and although some work was at the collar zone, most of my work was done form the spine only working locally when needed.

He took a 3-week break period before resuming a second course of treatment.

This was something that he had decided to do to address the issue of some arthritis in the neck and shoulders that he felt may be creeping on.

In this case all treatment was administered using the 735Ag device with silver electrodes.

He has just celebrated his 94th Birthday and is very much more healthy and happy. Not only does he walk to his club each day for lunch but is occasionally seen doing the odd spot of extra work when requested for filming purposes!

Update: To date, i.e. 2014, this gentleman is now 102 years old and is still benefiting from our original treatment and now living happily and actively in sheltered accommodation close to where he used to reside.