Lack of mobility

Female 63 yrs

A case of pain and lack of mobility on shoulder.

Two years ago I began to have difficulty using my left shoulder. The problem came on very gradually, without any wrenching or other injury to mark its beginning. The pain was at first intermittent and dull, but gradually became constant and very sharp and severe, especially if I made any sudden motions with my left arm. My range of motion became gradually less and less, both from my avoiding further sharp muscular pain, and from stiffness. The problem became much worse when I needed to do most of the driving for my husband, who had developed a spinal problem and could not do his own driving back and forth to work. Shifting the car was agony.

When we went to Vivienne for training in the Modific to help my husband's back, I also got some treatment on the shoulder and recommendations from Vivienne about how we might approach the problem. Our first visit to Vivienne for training was in November 2009. We had two more visits to her for treatment and discussions about how we were approaching the use of the Modific. Using her advice, we paid attention during the back treatments to what areas seemed to be 'asking for' special attention. My instinct was not to 'try to' do anything to increase my range of motion, nor to challenge the muscle cramping in any way.

The only treatment I had was with the scenar. The improvement must have been gradual, but then suddenly at the end of May 2010, the whole shoulder area loosened up and became about 80% normal! There is very little pain, improved range of motion bit by bit, and I am now able to exercise my arms and shoulders normally. I am moving normally. Every once in a while I do something with my left arm and say to myself, wow, I wasn't able to do that at all and now I can!

Sarah Daniel