Lower back pain, tightness in chest

Testing PS705. Patient 2. Lower back pain, tightness in chest

© Vivienne Constad

29th December 2005

Presented condition

Pain to lower back, tightness in chest due to slight cold and inhalation of chemical products at work.

Case history

Patient Details: Male, 61 yrs old.

Fit, strong and very active. Good diet. Healthy outlook. Minimal drinker and non smoker.

Past medical history

No ailments. Sensitive digestion. Weak systems in body, prone to imbalance, nervous and digestive systems.


With 705.

Used device from C7 to approx T8 in the way of 3 pathways, just stimulating the local neural pathways. Then continued in a firm stroking manner, looking for the faster movement of the 4 blue lights of the “dose” indicator.

Once I had found this, the patient commented as to how that seemed to be the place of the origin of the pulling tightness in the lung he had felt. I stayed at this place and continued to wait until I dosed here. I allowed the dynamic adaptation mode to take over for some 2 or 3 minutes and then I moved on and worked around this area, first checking for the place and then dosing and so on, until I had covered the whole of this area.

I noticed that within 15 minutes of this procedure the skin felt to me very different through the device and according to the patient his breathing was greatly improved and all pain had gone. (Also once I had observed the changes here, the sound of the device had also changed.)

I then moved to further down the spine to the lumbar region and took some readings in a general way.

I very quickly found the area that required attention and again I performed a similar procedure at this level, as above. After a further 15 minutes the patient reported that his whole back and lungs felt very strong and loosened up!

We then proceeded with sessions each 4 hours for 2 days as he seemed to then go through a running order of a cold / flu like scenario: each 2 hours a changed symptom, and the last symptom dissipated. In all, the whole disorder seemed to go very clearly from one thing to the next and then within 3 days leave. In fact, the back pain had not returned at all! He is now in good condition although a very slight cough. I must say that I was very impressed with the level of power of this small device.

2nd January 2006

Presented condition

Complained of lower back pain, worsened from before.


Used 705

Took 3 pathways to start.

During this procedure I found the greatest activity in the upper thoracic area to the left side.

I decided to work here first as also he mentioned feelings in his head as I proceeded along the spine.

After placing the device for 5 minutes in this area the feeling for me changed and on questioning the patient it was also for him.

Did 2 minutes to the corresponding area of the other side, to balance.

Continued down the spine to the lower lumbar area, (as described by the patient) just above and below the sacral area. The right side experiencing most activity.

I stayed here for the longest time and although the blue lights were continually moving at a consistent pace it seemed that not much was happening.

He then complained of soreness over the kidney area on both sides. I worked at these points for a further 20 minutes or so and still the effect for the patient had not seemingly changed.

At this point I placed the 705 on C7 and asked my assistant to hold this in place. Then using the 715 and 735Ag I covered each kidney area in a comfortable power and waited for 22 minutes and 11 seconds.

At this point the 705 (which covered C7) dosed fully and both the 735 and the 715, having started with a high priority were now registering priority level of 3 and 4 (measured with 735).

I then just checked along the spine from top to bottom to be sure if any changes that had occurred would need attention. There were none.

The patient mentioned that he was now very tired and would need to lie down!

We dispersed excess energy. This session was now complete.

The patient was resting but was very relaxed and now in no pain.

3rd January 2006

3rd session

Presented condition

Acute pain to lower spine.


Using 705 and doing 3 pathways I proceeded then to the lower spine where I found nothing to work with at all! I then checked again the spine around where I had dosed on the previous session, at the kidney level and found this to be the priority for the body now. I worked for approximately 25 minutes and in that time dosed fully and waited for dynamic adaptation to perform. This happened twice, once on each side.

Whilst this was happening I took the 715 and placed it at the top of the spine where immediately the patient’s left leg and foot started to jump. I had known of a knee injury to this leg and foot from before so I was not surprised (according to eastern medicine ways). Once the leg had finished its performance all sensation of pain and discomfort had ceased so we finished the procedure.

Next morning the patient reports that he is feeling very happy and much much better so far. (With his back, leg and foot!)

5th and 6th January 2006


I worked again on him twice yesterday (Jan 5) and again this morning and I think he has moved a joint by coughing.

So I sent him this afternoon to an osteopath and acupuncturist. He confirmed that he had coughed his hip joint out of position and has moved it back for him. I have just worked on the patient again to bring down the inflammation from the movement of bones and he is resting again.

Yesterday 's work on him was with the 705 but tonight I went back to my 735Ag, I do love it so. 4 x doses and all done in 15mins