Bladder sensitivity, Diverticulitis, shoulder, back and knee pain

Patient details

Gender/age: Male / 46

Presented condition, complaints:

Prior to using the “Scenar-Cosmodic EX 735Ag” I had the following ailments.

1. Continuous pain from muscle knots in the top left shoulder/back/neck region;

2. Occasional fits of severe pain in the left buttock (sciatic nerve), particularly at night after lying on my left hand side;

3. Pain in my lower back, base of the spine, occurs randomly mainly at night but also sometimes during the day;

4. A frequent need to go to the toilet 5 to 8 times a night, hence very disrupted sleep patterns;

5. Occasional muscle spasms and nerve pains in left arm, left leg and parts of my back.


(Time of action during session; Action modes used; Areas treated; and Change of the patient’s condition during and after session:)

I had three treatment sessions with Vivienne Constad on the 29th August, 23rd September and 2nd November 2011, using the “Scenar-Cosmodic EX 735Ag”. In these hour long sessions Vivienne used the “Slider-Auto” mode at points identified by the device on my back, from base of the spine to the top of my neck. On each occasion there was also a session using “Myo-Auto” mode around the top left of my shoulder/back to relieve the pain from muscle knots. After each of the sessions there was an overall reduction in pain levels, and a feeling of being more relaxed. Shortly after the third session the pain in the base of my back had almost gone. During this time I had also been applying my own treatment sessions with the device as well.

During a period of four months, from September to December 2011, I applied in excess of 110 sessions to myself with the device, using about 80 hours of device time in the process. The personal treatments were mainly applied at night when going to bed, and on a few occasions I fell asleep for up to an hour with the device in “Slider-Auto” mode still active before switching it off.

Initially I was using the “Slider-Auto” mode three times a week, but felt very tired as a consequence, so reduced this to twice then just once a week. To begin with the session periods were only for 10-15 minutes, then after two months the session periods increased to 30 minutes and up to almost an hour towards the end. The focus for treatments was initially the base of the back and left shoulder. Over time this progressed to multiple points on the back, both left and right shoulders and the back of the neck as the session periods became longer. After all sessions I felt more relaxed and in less pain.

To begin with I was using the “Myo-Auto” mode for about 10-15 minutes to treat localized pain in my left shoulder, then also to include sciatic pain in my left buttock, the pain in the base of my back and my neck. After about two months the usual session time was about 20 minutes and with occasional longer session of up to one hour. Through out almost all of the treatments level 5 setting was used, often because it was not too strong for more sensitive areas such as the neck.

It was during a series of three days of flights split over the course of November travelling to Australia and Columbia that I discovered the effectiveness of using the “Scenar-Myo” mode to treat areas of intense pain. In long flights (8-16 hours) the sciatic pain in my left buttock became unbearable and the “Myo-Auto” mode was having little effect, even when I increased the level to 7. So in an effort to relieve my pain I tried the “Secnar-Myo” combination and fount that at level 7 it could numb the pain sufficiently for me to sleep on the plane. From this discovery I went on to apply “Scenar-Myo” level 7 on other areas of intense pain such as the base of my back (pain returned during flights) and my left shoulder. Session lengths were about 30-50 minutes on flights, reduced to 15-30 minutes after my return home. I am sure that these long “Scenar-Myo” sessions had an impact on removing the sciatic pain in my left buttock, and the intense pain at the base of my back.

Total number of sessions:

Approximately 110 personal treatment sessions used 80 hours

3 hour long sessions with Vivienne Constad

Total time of treatment (days, weeks): 4 months

Final result of treatment:

After four months of treatment the following changes had occurred in my ailments:

1. There is far less pain from the muscle knots in the top left shoulder/back to neck region, this has resulted in me being able to stop take Ibuprofen every night to go to sleep;

2. The pain in left sciatic nerve has gone completely, which means I can now sleep on my left hand side without waking up at night in pain;

3. The pain in my lower back has gone completely;

4. The high frequency of visits to the toilet every night fluctuated up and down over the course of treatment with only a slight improvement overall;

5. I still get occasional muscle spasms and nerve pains in left arm, left leg and parts of my back.


The treatments with the “Scenar-Cosmodic EX 735Ag” device have certainly removed/reduced some of my ailments. I hope to get better acquainted in how to get the best out of the device to focus on the main remaining ailment, that of the high frequency of nightly visits to the toilet.

Comments on the new device working:

● I found that using slider-auto mode several times a week appeared to make me very sleepy so I restricted its use to twice a week maximum;

● There appears to be no restriction on using the “Auto-Myo” and “Scenar-Myo” modes;

● The “Scenar-Myo” mode was more effective at dealing with areas of localised strong pain such as the sciatic nerve, base of the back and left shoulder. However “Scenar-Myo” was a bit too strong for my neck and “Myo-Auto” mode was better.

● The “Slider-Auto” mode will stop dosing after a while so appears safe when falling asleep with it still active. To get the best out of slider-auto mode it appears that you need to move it around to various points of your back/body – not the easiest thing to do to yourself.

● Knowing the meaning of the single and double beep would be very helpful when applying treatment to your own back since you can not see what the display says. Possibly a set of sounds and meanings, or a remote probe so you can see the display while applying treatment to your own back.