Testimonial Natasha

November 2011

Training review: Natasha Trendell

I attended a Level 1 Scenar-Cosmodic course with Vivienne Constad at her practice in North London in November 2011. I’m a sports and remedial massage therapist originally from London, and have lived in southern Spain for 8 years. I had been researching different methods of pain relief for several years in order to help my existing clients, and I eventually discovered the amazing benefits of Scenar-Cosmodic. Scenar technology has been used in Russia for over 40 years, and has been available in the UK for over 10 years. There are no reports of any side effects, and the results in many cases are nothing short of remarkable.

I researched the courses available, and made contact with Vivienne Constad, the official LET Medical representative for the UK. From the very first contact, I found Vivienne to be very professional, highly experienced, and vastly knowledgeable in the field of pain relief and health. Correspondence was conducted via email initially, and I found that Vivienne responded very promptly to my questions, often giving very detailed responses.

Prior to training with Vivienne I made contact with at least 8 other therapists working in the UK, and in Spain to obtain an objective opinion of how successful the treatment really was! Some of these therapists knew Vivienne and spoke very highly of her. Others had trained in different parts of the UK, and in Ireland. All were using Scenar technology in their practices and were achieving great results.

Having researched different colleges and courses offering Scenar / Scenar-Cosmodic tuition, I found Vivienne to be the most helpful. She has been working with Scenar technology for over 11 years both in her private practice, and in private hospitals and clinics. Having worked closely with the Alexander Karasev the Russian inventor of the technology, she has also been privy to the development of the device. Having researched other colleges I realised that they were using much older devices. Vivienne only uses the latest technology to train her students to ensure the most effective treatment for their patients.

Vivienne advised me on which Scenar-Cosmodic to buy to suit the needs of my practice, and supported me during the ordering process. Despite making a considerable financial investment in this technology I felt in safe hands every step of the way. My device arrived safely in perfect condition, and on time.

I was advised to follow the manual to get a feel for the workings and functions of the device before the course. This was beneficial as it enabled Vivienne to cover more ground during the course, and allow for further practical time. However, I cannot stress enough, how important the course was to me. The manual gave me about 10% of the knowledge I acquired on the course. Not only did Vivienne provide useful background information to the technology and the workings of the machine, she also gave me plenty of advice on how to use the machine more effectively.

Vivienne has an array of real life examples of patients she has worked on during her career in Scenar-Cosmodic. Her experiences are truly inspirational. She is incredibly passionate about her work, and genuinely cares for her patients and students alike. She wants to make a difference to her patient’s lives, and works incredibly hard to do that. Not only is Vivienne highly experienced in her field, she also has a wealth of knowledge in related areas such as: nutrition, Western and Eastern medicine, and massage. The course was largely practical, and I was fortunate to be able to work on several clients which genuine aliments. With Vivienne’s guidance I was able to decrease their symptoms from the first session. I felt quite nervous at first, but Vivienne gave me plenty of encouragement, and was very patient. By the end of the course, my speed and accuracy had improved and I felt confident enough to work independently.

After the course I was keen to start working straight away, and put into practice everything I had learnt. My first patient was a friend of my mother’s, patient A (59 years old). The lady had been suffering from excruciating pain in her knees, following a cartilage operation, and had also been experiencing neck pain since she was 14 years old (she fell during a gym class). She walked with a stick, and couldn’t straighten her left leg. She walked very slowly with a stoop, and had great difficulty climbing stairs. She was quite depressed, and had resigned herself to taking painkillers for the rest of her life.

I was both amazed, and thrilled to report to Vivienne that patient A had experienced some very positive changes from the very first treatment. She commented that she had less pain in her knees, and her neck, she could also straighten her leg more comfortably. I have treated her 3 times, and she can now walk quicker without her stick. She has more energy, is sleeping better, and the pain in her knees has greatly reduced. She says that she hasn’t felt so well in years. This case is ongoing.

Since working on patient A, I have worked on 5 other cases, all of whom are improving. Patient B (40 years old) had been suffering from shooting pains and numbness down her left arm. After 3 sessions she had completely recovered, with no reoccurring pain. Patient C (55 years old suffering from frozen shoulder has had 4 sessions and has a far greater range of movement, and can comfortably dress himself, and wash his hair. These activities used to be very challenging and extremely painful. The case is ongoing.

Vivienne has continued to support me, and answer my questions after the course. I am incredibly grateful to her for all the help and guidance she has given me over the past few months, and I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone considering training in this truly amazing technology.