Sylvana's review

Sylvana's review

Hi Vivienne,

Aside from what I have written I want to say a big thank you to both you and Sherine for all that you both put in to making this course a reality and for offering me a place on it.

It was a great two days and I think moving forward with a three day course is a great plan.

I would have gladly attended a third day.

You both have so much knowledge and information to impart that the three day attendees will probably say they would have gone for four!!

Sylvana Ginella

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Training Course for Professionals 12/13th March

Still at the start of my journey with Scenar-Cosmodic, this course has given me the background and practical knowledge to use my device with much more confidence. I finished the course armed with not only a far greater understanding of how and why the device can effect such profound results but importantly for me, a diagnostic / treatment protocol that provides structure, quantifiable measure of changes ... and ... the ability to know when enough has been done in any one session! "More must be better" is definitely NOT the case.

The dynamic of the group training enabled the sharing of experiences, ideas, and questions which added even more value to the two days. A great training and a great group - thank you all.