Student practitioner - case of the dove

Hot of the press, this case comes to us just yesterday evening with updates throughout today and all the way from Mexico.

A Canadian student practitioner of ours was witness to an accident involving a car with a dove!

Having rescued the dove and taken it home, he proceeded to work with Myoscen in the way that he had been taught to use the EX735Ag Slider 2 (that he had previously trained with).

Here we have series of videos as he saves the dove's life with our newly marketed Mysocen.

He had just been over to collect the little device when it happened so this was the first treatment that this little device had made.

Through shock, the dove had lost a number of its feathers so this made it very easy for our practitioner to work.

It was thought also to have suspected broken wings, legs and was bleeding.

Following the first session, the bird's eyes became more bright, although it was not interested to eat or to drink.

However it was happy to be treated and very gently our practitioner followed his intuition and treated the bird.

This morning after having had a reasonable night and creating quite a mess around the place, the bird, having been worked on again was found drinking water and eating pumpkin seeds!

After its next treating, it walked two metres just to reach the pumpkin seeds, having not been able to walk yesterday at all.

We await the next update... watch this space...

in the meantime watch the videos!!

Student practitioner email address:

Video 1 The Dove first treatment

Video 2 the dove following day

Video 3 The Dove later following day

Day 3 video 1

Day 3 Video 2

Update on Day 4

Today we had this update regarding 'jane Dove' she has now begun to groom herself!

In our practitioner's own words...

"All is well, jane dove is grooming and preparing for her siesta. She is on the home stretch now. Maybe some Dove soap opera shows later for entertainment, lol

She had dosed in about 5 minutes last night, and again the power level climbed but that just gave her a little bright eyed look until it went back down to two bars of power. I can't push too hard on her back or damage her leg so I'm sure this makes the power rise up but she just looks like WTF and went right back to eating her oats".

Update on Day 5

There ya have it, she's out for a stroll and off the Morgan's finest!!