Stroke victim

Stroke victim

Male : 47 yrs

Testimonial from the patient:

After suffering a stroke in Jamaica in Feb 2009 I came back to the UK to try to get my life back to some form of normality.

I underwent a extensive program of swimming and weight training. I give thanks to the creator that I had suffered no paralysis on my body, my main problem was with my balance.

Keeping up this program for the whole of 2009 In Jan of 2010 I started a search through the Internet to try to obtain healing. This lead me to Vivienne Constad. Around Feb 2010.

In the beginning I was screened to find out the condition of the systems in my body and what may be needing attention. This showed that I was lacking in some minerals and things and I was prescribed some functional medicines to help this and also helped with my diet and eating habits. I also had work done on me with Cosmodic.

Since starting with Cosmodic I have felt improvements in my fitness and muscle tone. I still try to keep up my physical exercise program and I sometimes find when I exercise the supplements that I am taking make me tired when I am working in the gym. My balance is improving but my problem is patience, wanting the healing to take place NOW!!!!!!! but one has to learn the body is part of the woundrous creations on earth and time is a great factor this healing process.

I periodically see my G.P. in order that they check me to make sure all functions of the body are OK with their traditional methods i.e. cholesterol, liver, kidneys, blood pressure, diabetes etc which at present are all good.

As for now, I am ongoing with this treatment and I feel confident there is light at the end of my tunnel! I just have to learn that patience is a BITTER but essential VIRTUE.

So far the changes that I have experienced are: to my balance, as since the treatment I am able to walk along the pathway by my place without falling to the wall in order for support.

I also used to have the stroke sensation all the way down my left arm, now although it has not completely gone 100% it is more defined and now confined to just a small area of my forearm.

I am now able to do more things using my left hand as it is no longer trembling and is now steady. I also have a heightened sensation in areas of my body when I am working out in the gym, I can feel what I am doing to different muscles that I am working at the time.

I have been told that I will be expecting a short break period quite soon and then I amy need some more treatment after that but right now things are still changing for the better.