Digestive issues - blocked sinus

Digestive issues- blocked sinus

July 2011

Patient details:

Treated 1st July 2011

Gender/ age: Male / 28 years

Presented condition / complaint:

He has had digestive issues and possible bacteria in gut imbalance.

Is now finding unpleasant breath and body odour. Difficulty breathing through nose as sinus’s appear to be blocked. Has back problem also but that is taken care of.

Past medicals conditions:

As a child was very nervous. Remembers vomiting often when pressed to go to nursery. Had nose broken in a fight as a kid but recovered without much assistance.

Always was getting colds and flue as a child. Hurt his back at 26yrs doing heavy lifting. Left the job. Back resolved but is weakened. No diagnosed or serious disorders throughout life with exception of having had appendix out at the age of fourteen as stomach pains had been reported.

At the age of 13 to 14yrs he had problems with toes getting poison in and around the toe nail-beds, a small operation solved this.


Time of action: 22.11 minutes.

Working in slider 10.

Digestive area came up for attention including liver and spleen.

All of cervical neck area and coccyx. These activity areas were of quite a high value as compared to the other numbers ie 60 indicated at C3 and 75 as well as 5 on coccyx as compared to numbers from 15 to 18 elsewhere.

After the 22.11 minutes of working at the spine, I also dosed both sinus areas locally on face in minimum setting. Then left knee from behind around a further 6.28 minutes. The total time was 30.13 minutes.

During the treating he felt very relaxed and in some areas in particular the face the effect was instant. He immediately found one sinus cleared 100% the other not.

He also reported that his leg felt much improved and I asked him if he felt any area had heated up at all.

He reported that on the left leg from the knee down the heat had increased noticeably.


2nd visit / 7 days later.

Changes since last visit:

Since last visit sinus and nose has been blocked and free on occasion possibly a 20% improvement overall. The heat felt after the first session lasted the whole days and then subsided.

Breath is still bad smelling and he has begun a detox program. He felt that he was healing inside. Through his detox program headaches began so he slowed it down.

Today he presented symptoms of:

Knee pain

Blocked nose

Breath unpleasant.

Mode used: Scenar-Cosmodic Slider 5

Areas highlighted were neck and collar, T 5 and digestive plus lower spine.

Worked for 38.10 minutes and overall ratio was 6:4

Changes after treating were:

Slight change to left side of nostril, less blocked and right side remained the same.

After a short time he began to sweat and heat up. At end he felt quite tired.

Next 3rd visit was after a following 7 days:

15th July 2011

Since last session: change in nostril had increased since and felt improved again.

All other things had remained similar to time after first session no further improvement. However is now aware of sensation of mucous blocking under nose on face. Had headaches for two days after last session on alternate days.

This time, work indicated at neck, C7 and one at digestion and other lower leg area.

Mode used: Scenar-Cosmodic Slider Auto

Worked on all high active points and local to knee plus dosed points to clear nose.

Total time 27.51 minutes.


The left side totally cleared and the right side slightly cleared. All the while he felt that he could feel draining all down throat.

Next session 1 week later.

22nd July 2011.

This time he reported that the beneficial affects had stayed with him almost 4 days and by the 4th day even the nose was still clear.

On this day also inflammation came into throat and nose begun to block again. Overall he feels he has improved in all symptoms including knees 30% and also found some issues from when a small boy that he had forgotten about are also now being healed, namely his elbows and a sensation that he once had there.

Today this session was incredible …

Symptoms: slight knee pain, inflammation to throat. Nose blocked.

The only priority shown by the body was neck and coccyx. The rest of his chart appeared to be reasonably well balanced.

I dosed the base first, as they were the higher readings.

Mode used: Scenar-Cosmodic Slider Auto.

After having dosed coccyx both sides, I went to exact opposite at neck area, the runner began to fly really quickly at the left coccyx and I had to reduce the setting to medium from maximum. Next I worked placing the device to the left side of neck at the higher reading, the runner began again to fly really fast.

Then I noticed on the display, the bars went alternately across screen then nothing and across and then nothing again and so on making a horizontal across pattern over and over again. This continued for a little less than 47 minutes all in this one place and during this time he felt his entire nose and head drain off. By 14 minutes he could breath normally through both sides of nose and also felt very awake and relaxed but great. I took a photo of the graph, as this has only ever occurred before for me when a really big shift has occurred and often it is not for so long that one has time to record it.

After this dose we both felt that he had done enough so we closed the session and he will report again in some days if what are any further changes.

Total time 47 59 minutes.

Over all he said he feels that his improvement is now 30%.

Again he felt that he heated up and began to sweat a lot.

Update of 25th February 2012

I’m pleased to report to Vivienne that I’m experiencing very positive changes from the very first treatment to all my conditions that have been succesfully treated.

1, Blocked nose - My breathing conditions through the nose improved remarkably. After the treatment with scenar I can breath easier without being congested most of the time.

2, Sinus infection and unpleasant breath - As oppose to the past, my unpleasant breath has improved up to 95% with occasional temporary comebacks due to stressful events that can be explained and understood. I feel more comfortable now. As advised by Vivienne, I’m now paying more attention to the foods that I eat as well.

3, Regarding my knee pain - that has been completely recovered, with no reoccurring pain. Previously I had difficulty moving my knee. It was challenging and painful. I feel very well now, with no pain what so ever.

Vivienne has continued to support me with an ongoing treatment. She is excellent in explaining. I am incredibly grateful to her for all the explanations during the treatment she has given me over the past few months.

I am very thankful to Vivienne Constad for her holistic aproach. I would highly recommend having treatment with this fantastic technology.