Back pain - spasm

Back pain - spasm

June 2011

Diagnosis: Back spasm possible disc problem

Gender / age: Female / 48yrs.

Presenting condition:

Stiffness and pain when moving or bending. Limited mobility and feeling that something is locked. Cannot turn normally. Bending is limited also.

Past medical history:

Relatively fit. Had gynaecological issues in past. Broken a leg in recent years,

full recovery from this. Exercises often and regularly. Eats a varied and healthy diet.


Supplements only. No prescribed medications at all.


New Modific / Gold electrodes.

Time of action during session: 44.21

Most priority was given to lower lumbar areas and numbers were really high all around this area. There were a number of high readings also at neck and C7 and one extremely high one at spleen and liver level. Also a slight imbalance denoted at kidney area.

Work was done in slider 10. With the exception of last doses which I worked at hip and lower lumbar in MYO (SC / C) power 30 and dosing here was 8.05 minutes and the other side 15 minutes, she reported that it felt great and to stay longer please. I also worked on the pained areas at the kidney points which she also said felt good.

Action modes used:

Scenar-Cosmodic slider 10



Areas treated:

All reported high activity numbered areas as above, one dose each.

Change of patient’s condition:

She felt very relaxed and appeared so also. Reported that she felt much looser and mobility had increased. She had more movement and was now able to bend without a problem.

She noted that as compared to treatment of previous Modific and VX (which she used to have herself) that it felt to her a more rounded signal…

As if in music terms.. if the signal from previous Modific was like a note, this one was like a set of notes ie a chord! She also reported a heat in the kidney area after treatment.

(We would like to acknowledge here, all those globally who have taken this comment and use it now as a cliche in their presentations of this wonderful technology!)


She reported 2 days later that she was still feeling the beneficial affects and now had a slight ache in the lower back area.

Will email further updates as and when possible.

Further update:

Has since called to report further improvements and came last week for assessment of condition. After having checked this lady and given some light massage style action in MYO Auto for 15 minutes to local area no further action was needed or taken.

Case completed!