Transverse Myelitis

Transverse Myelitis

Female : 43 yrs

This lady was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis in 2000, which was sometime after the first symptoms had presented themselves. The treatment at that time was the administering of steroids. She recovered but not 100%.

She used to get tightness in the chest, chinese burn sensation on her arms, chest area [front and back] as well as constipation problems.

In September 2007 she had a relapse whereby her left leg started dragging, and once again the neurologist prescribed her steroid by IV and then oral. She got better and then in mid November 2007 she had a second relapse.

At the same time she was diagnosed with TB as apparently her immune system was extremely low. She stayed in hospital until mid December 2007. The TB medication masked the anti-inflammatory drugs [azathioprine] that were being administered and she had a third relapse in February 2008.

She has been in hospital since then. During the 3rd relapse, the doctors were unable to give her any further steroids and did a plasmic transfer, which unfortunately did not work either.

Since this time she was then doubly incontinent.

From end of February 2008 she has been at a Rehab Unit undergoing physiotherapy and was released from here on Thursday 15th May 2008 now able to have more control over both her bladder and her bowel. Although mostly confined to a wheel chair.

Her case was introduced

to me on Friday

16th May 2008.

Her morale and general countenance is good and upbeat.

Her diet: vegetarian and well taken care of. She has 2 children.

She arrived in a wheelchair and we, with some difficulty, brought her through to the ground floor where we would work.

I worked for 50:34 minutes with Modific and most of this work was carried out to the areas of the body’s priority’s, which were mostly neck and shoulders followed by thoracic area of T4 to T10.

On average all the doses were taking from 3 to 6 minutes, which for a first session of a chronic case is a very pleasing response. Every area that I placed the device there was a dose. One of the doses began to take some time so I used a 2nd device, an EX735Ag which then seemed to speed up the dosing of the Modific. I used the EX for a total of 11:57 minutes.

After the first session she felt a little light-headed and her upper body very relaxed. Normally her upper body is in a state of tension as she uses her strength there to be able to do all things but has little muscle tone now. Her back also felt less painful.

She insisted on trying to use crutches and actually walked on them in a somewhat shaky fashion out of the building to a waiting wheel chair!

She returned for session 2, two hours later and announced that she was able to lift the weight of her feet over steps now although it was very tiring. I worked a further 32:45 minutes with Modific and joined with the EX735Ag later to aid dosing for 25:46.

This time as well as similar areas the indication was also to work behind her knees which in turn both dosed also.

She complained still of tightness in a band around her chest, which is always there. This is the exact spot where at the spine there is inflammation. Her limbs occasionally go into spasm when she has been particularly active and mobile and they now had begun to do so.

We could find no real further change after this session and decided that this had been enough for today. She left this time using her crutches with which she was able to lift her feet as she went and she walked to the outside of the building again where she resumed her seat in the wheel chair.

She would return the following day.

The following day, session 3 began with her arrival on a walking frame, which seemed very easy for her to use. I asked her and she said she had not really used it before.

I worked this day session 3 for 56:04 again in similar areas as they were indicated by the diagnostic in S0 setting on Modific. This time though I also worked on local discomforts at her sides at T5 to T8. Both left and right. Plus L1 and L2 and behind each knee.

Her husband requested that he join me in working on her. I gave him EX and very adeptly he worked emulating every move that I made but on the opposite side.

His device worked for 36:44. Once we had finished she felt tired but relaxed and happy and more easily able to lift both feet and her mobility increased again. Her pains to her back and sides were eased a little but not much. But she did have a different look in her eyes.

She returned after 2 hours rest and lunch.

I watched her from the window and she lifted her legs out of the car to the pavement and then unbelievably by holding stable things along the way she walked unaided by frame, chair or crutches to the door.

On opening the door, I asked her where her frame was and she replied, “I am trying not to pay attention to that as I can do this at the moment and I can not believe it”. She managed to walk on her own through to the chair in the room where we worked. She made it to the chair and although very tired now, she sat down.

This was a very pleasing result but as I explained she has some muscle wastage still and not the strength or tone that she had before. As such she should take it slowly and little by little until her strength will be recovered otherwise the discomfort of detoxification of those areas may be heightened.