2011: New EX735Ag Modific with Sliding Technology

2011: New EX735Ag Modific with Sliding Technology

First impressions on the new version of EX735Ag Modific

Feeling of being more powerful and ability to do more for patients.

I feel this device is doing far more than its predecessor. The impressions of its sensation, both of my own and that of my patient's is that there is a feeling of not just one sensation but a collection of sensations all at one time. If I can liken this to a musical note, it is like the previous Modific works on one musical tone and this one works with a set of tones, like a chord.

I can do more with it. Although it does take longer to complete the dose and sometimes therefore the session is longer. I feel that the changes go more deeply, far more precisely and that there is far more regeneration created in one session than before. It is often a feeling to me rather than seeing... But after some further testing seeing also. Having said that, the symptoms are not always disappearing in session as dramatically but they are marginally less. Beneficial changes are staying much longer and not decreasing so fast as with the older Modific. The older one would have definite dramatic changes, but much of the change would decrease fast and only a little of them would maintain for longer. So I believe that regeneration is greater and temporary normalising function is less.

From the very first use of the new device I began to think the detox will be less aggressive. I noticed in some cases there was some increase in symptom immediately, but after a day or so an improvement. Now I can say it does not seem to cause greater reaction in detox. For example, my concern was that I should possibly do less working time in a session to allow for so much more to be done as the affect in the individual of detox may be greater and therefore if they are sensitive to detox they may get some increase in worsening as on occasion they do. But actually this does not seem to occur so far... it is more subtle and gentle and so far has not given any reaction that is other than beneficial.

When working in local areas it seems to be very efficient, like in a case with a patient with pains in legs and lower back after having worked in awkward position the result was instantaneous and the patient normally would have taken a week to have noticed any changes at all.

Heating up effect

One of the first patients I worked on with the new Modific, noticed a heating up and warming and she did comment about that. I had forgotten this as it was just one comment and I usually find my hands do this naturally. This was only in the place where the highest and most out of balance number had been registered. Although I dosed in many other places, this was the only one that heated up. I have now worked out that it is either that my patient will become hot, or the area that appears to be the trigger for all changes within that session will become very hot and when neither of those heat up, it is I that become hot myself. So much so that I almost felt I would burst when working on a patient the other day. I have noticed that each person I have worked on has commented on how hotter I am and actually I have had to wear different clothes and keep open the window and drink more water, when I am working.

Slider modes

I am more impressed with these modes than either COSMODIC or SCENAR. I see no reason to simply work in either SCENAR or COSMODIC when we can use the benefit of both as and when needed.

I like Slider modes better as when used, the changes that may result during and after using them, are immediate and sound. They seem to be very stable and appear to give a beneficial effect which is longer lasting in most people and also when it does subside there appears to be some good change that stays whereas before most of the beneficial affect reduces and goes. Having said that I need to explain, that it has much to do with people and how they are in taking care of themselves as with old Modific or other previous models if they are taking good care, they will have better and longer staying results. With some patients each time I work I am covering old ground over and over when the beneficial effect wears off. With the new Modific the body seems to move on more and even if they are still smoking and drinking and eating badly and not helping their daily life with care they are still getting better and faster. And symptoms are disappearing almost straight away. The body needs exactly the right percentage of Scenar and also Cosmodic influence in order to make good and efficient recovery and this device appears to sense exactly what is required at exactly every given moment.

I have also noticed that for very sensitive people with what seem to be digestive or incorrect gut balance disorders the detox effect, when the body attempts to eliminate, later in the week can be quite pronounced.

So far my recommendations are for working in slider 5 for those who are at the beginning of treatment. Being that all sliders are so proficient and effective, it is best not to work too much at the first instance with a person who may be chronically sick as it would have to be a slow and steady pace for them or the detox of the body may be worse than the problem.

Also it may be quite stressful having to work for so long on some single areas during the first few sessions both for practitioner and for patient. It is quite helpful to have slider 5, as it seems to take a little less time dosing so far. It is more pleasing especially on the first few sessions to have a faster dose time and still a good result but not such a big drama!

If an acute injury, then slider 10 gets the main job done faster but in chronic cases better go slowly in slider 5 first and then after 3 sessions or once the body knows what is expected of it and moves itself more easily, then after this time one can easily work in slider 10.

Also if in a hurry, i.e. better to work some than none, it is ok to work in slider 5 as the doses can be faster and then you will be certain to have enough time to fit in a session to completion whereas in slider 10 you may not have enough time, if you wish to limit the length of time you are working on the body.

Also Slider 10 is so efficient it often takes some time for the body to complete a dose and on many occasions, finds doses in one or two areas that have taken around 28 minutes or even more.

I can now say that I am finding this also with slider 5 and yesterday again the same with Scenar-Cosmodic-Slider Auto.

This is also what I noticed. When using any of the Slider modes, if I take readings on the spine to assess exactly what is going on in the individual, (in case the person forgot to say or did not know) I can then look further and find a point to work on which appears to be the trigger to all changes in the individual on that day. At first I believed that it was the highest and more active place, but I am now realizing that on a number of occasions recently, my intuition had pointed me to a place to work that I had assumed was the highest reading, I began to work it and it took more than 30 minutes and still without dosing, I then looked again at the chart of readings and found I had overlooked a much higher reading elsewhere and yet this place was creating changes in many areas in the individual that I had not even considered would have been dealt with in one session. Feeling anxious that my patient would feel that I had spent such a time in only one area, I then went to another place that I believed would be beneficial and found to my surprise that any other placing dosed in 20 seconds or so.

I thought at first it may be just lucky to be finding a place that needs much work, but now I recognize that it is actually a place that had been possibly overlooked in the chart at first readings, or possibly did not show up when I took readings but since, having moved a blockage elsewhere whilst taking readings!

So having found this place it is not necessary to work anywhere else as, if you direct the patient to feeling what is happening, it is that the sensation is felt in every place during this time of action all over the body in each of the areas that they complained about having a pain or issue.

I worked yesterday with someone and after 12 minutes or so of completing many small doses beginning with the highest reading, I then noticed that I had overlooked a high number in one place. I decided to go there next just to cover all bases, even though she felt much changed already. I attempted to dose it. After approximately 28 minutes on this place she had to leave, so we stopped anyway, but this was interesting. After this 28 or something like that, the dose was only 75% completed no more than. So we stopped there and she left to go to appointment. She came back later very happy and said she had felt some small twinges in one or two places that we had worked but in all felt really different and all pain free as with all other devices she never felt like this, she has EX715Ag and she has had much work from me all along with Modific. This is the first time that an immediate affect has taken place for her and more over has continued and is still good today.

Energy levels

I have found that even on maximum (in automatic mode) it never reaches 6 squares (or very rarely) and always people notice that it feels almost nothing as compared to previous Modific and some complain it cannot be felt… then whilst I am explaining to them, they then feel something more deeply and by the end feeling quite changed they do not mind.