First Line Therapy

First Line Therapy

First Line Therapy is like a way of life, a regime which can be customised for each and every person to suit age, weight circumstance and current condition.

It is a program that many of us are now choosing to look at, in order that we may live a more full and enjoyably healthy life. Less premature ageing, less ailing health and less degeneration of energy and body issues. With specialised equipment at this practice, we are able to measure your specific body's health levels. Using this Bio Impedance Assessment program we can customise the absolute corrected program for your recovery to a more satisfactory condition.

Taking and charting all of your measurements, be it weight, height, Body Mass Index, intra-cellular, extra-cellular condition we can calculate a correct calorific value for your nutritional intake each day.

Also we can help you program meals and give menu ideas. This whole new way of life can be set up and given to you in a small booklet that fits snugly into a pocket or bag.

We can suggest exercises that may be good to include for each person and even suggest extra supplements that may aid your recovery to health.. In some cases simply to maintain a good level of fitness that is already in reasonable shape.

In short a new and easy to follow, easy to understand and better still ... not hard to integrate into your every day life.