Wifi sensitivity

Effect of Cosmodic treatment on Wifi-sensitivity


I started having treatment with Cosmodic from Vivienne Constad in October 2010. I had been suffering from severe M.E for 15 years, and chronic wifi sensitivity for 5 years.

Although I had made some recent improvements with kinesiology and homeopathy, the initial results with Cosmodic were profound and reached the problems on a deeper level. Both conditions have since continued to improve dramatically with Cosmodic and this has been sustained, with no relapses.

Since 2006, I was having sever reactions to even being around even low level wifi for about an hour, including chest pains, panic attacks and insomnia for the following

night and days.

My wifi sensitivity has almost entirely gone since Cosmodic treatment. I still cannot sleep properly where there is wifi coverage, but my daytime reactions and storage of radiation (which causes after-reactions) has gone.

Dr Anon (25.06.2011)