Welcome to the site of S.C.E.N.A.R. - Cosmodic ®

The site of the Official Representative of Alexander Karasev,

Founder of the "LET Medical" Research Laboratories who invented three generations of technology to give the individual medication-free regeneration and recovery.


More information on the new ENS device and technology at www.ens.com

COSMODIC ® is a registered trademark of "LET Medical" L.L.C.

Have you suffered a complaint for some time and found traditional routes no longer helping you?

With a combination of Cosmodic Technology, Quantum Infinity Ilife and BioImpedance assessment we can help relieve you of many of your symptoms by simply identifying and addressing the underlying causes, as opposed to just treating the current symptoms.

Do you have symptoms that simply will not go away?

Can your GP and traditional medicine no longer help you?

Is there nothing more that you can do?

Perhaps there is something that may help you after all, with all things from minor ailments to serious and chronic conditions ....

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