About Practitioner Sherine Lovegrove

As a child I would offer my “magic red pillow” to help make people feel better. I truly believed in the power of that “magic pillow”.

To this day I am still involved in the art of healing and still believe firmly in magic, however not in quite the same blind way that I did as a child.

Having trained and worked as both a maternity and intensive care specialist nurse I have experienced my share of illness and death.

Despite this I have witnessed people unexpectedly healing from untreatable conditions in times when medical staff had given up.

I often wondered why some people got better and others did not. Somehow their bodies were able “to do” magic and heal. Finding a consistent way to help the body heal has become my life’s mission.

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There is an alchemical saying is that in order to perform magic we must understand the fundamental components that we want to manipulate. In essence we need awareness of how the mind and body works as a unit.

I have studied widely and have a BSc degree in psychology as well as additional diplomas in hypnosis, Neuro-linguistic psychotherapy, therapeutic massage, reflexology, SCENAR and Stephenson’s Creative Healing massage.

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There is evidence to suggest that we are genetically programmed to adapt in order that we may survive. Thus to facilitate clients in their healing we need to assist them in tapping into their own healing ability. In the field of psychoneuroimmunology science is beginning to give plausible explanations as to how “magic” happens.


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I believe that Cosmodic works not only at the genetic level but also at the sub-atomic level. I like the idea that when treating with active cosmodic that we install a correct programme for the body to follow, rather than giving the body simply feedback. This means that the body does not need to undo old learning which is effortful; but that it can simply follow the projected direction towards its perfect form.

Thus treating with Cosmodic is generally quick and elegant. However despite Cosmodic’s ability to orchestrate healing, the projection of healing requires many of the right ingredients to be present. What is paramount is that both the therapist and client need to work together. As healers we only effect real healing if we believe that the person can get better.

This is because our positivity can help the client suspend their beliefs long enough to help facilitate and motivate them to take appropriate actions towards their healing process.

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I am delighted to say that we have created a course that is in tune with alchemical approaches to healing. I look forward to working with Vivienne to help you becoming consistently great healers and know that we will do all that we can to help support you along on your journey.

Sherine Lovegrove
BSc(Hons) psychology, MSc., Dip. NLP Psychotherapy & Ericksonian Hypnosis